Percy Jackson Show Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Creator

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In a recent podcast, co-producer and co-writer Rick Riordan gave an optimistic update on Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2.

With Season 1 having only begun on December 19, premiering on Disney+ and Hulu, the series based on Rick Riordan's novels has not had a second season confirmed yet. However, reports have indicated it at least being a possibility.

Despite this lack of official confirmation, fans do know what to expect with a second season. The show seems to be following a one-book-per-season pattern. So, with Season 1 covering The Lightning Thief novel, it would make sense to see Season 2 tell the story of the second Percy Jackson book, The Sea of Monsters.

Optimistic Update on Percy Jackson Season 2

In an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast — which The Direct attended the live recording of — Percy Jackson and the Olympians co-producers Rick Riordan revealed that preliminary work on a possible second season has begun, in some capacity.

He reiterated that there is no official confirmation from Disney — which makes sense, particularly given that the podcast was recorded 8 days before the show's premiere.

Additionally, co-producer Becky Riordan did mention wanting to keep the news on the quieter side — hence why The Direct did not report on it immediately following the podcast recording on December 11. However, these quotes were included in the released podcast, making them public.

Rick Riordan began by revealing that they "are doing what [they] can to prepare" for if they "get the green light," which he said again has not been granted yet.

He and Becky Riordan pointed out, though, that there have been "amazing reactions, from everywhere" to Season 1 so far, including from "the studio." He referenced the future-telling entities from the Percy Jackson world, adding that "if [he] was the Oracle, [he] would say the Auguries are good:"

Rick Riordan: "We are doing what we can to prepare, on the eventuality that we get the green light. We don’t know, it is not official. You know, we’re getting reactions like we’ve had tonight, amazing reactions, from everywhere."

Becky Riordan: "The studio too."

Rick Riordan: "And so, if I was the Oracle, I would say the augeries are good, but [holds up crossed fingers]."

Rick Riordan then discussed what preliminary work on a possible Season 2 has begun, revealing that they "have started writing what those episodes would look like," along with other preparation "until [they] get the go-ahead" for the full season.

He added that "the best way to assure that that goes forward" is to "tell all your friends" to watch the series:

"But, we have started writing what those episodes would look like, sort of doing the series format, talking about the first few episodes, and that’s about as much as we can do right now until we get the go-ahead. So, the best way to assure that that goes forward: tell all your friends to tune into Disney+ and watch."

How Likely Is Percy Jackson Season 2?

Given the response to the December 19 premiere of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the announcement of a Season 2 would not surprise fans.

A new press release revealed that the first episode has seen 13.3 million views combined between Disney+ and Hulu over the first six days since release, which makes it among the top five season premieres of the year.

The premiere happening on December 19 rather than December 20 (which was originally announced) indicates the show's potential for future success. The move came after many fans expressed that seeing the show release at 8:00 p.m. ET, rather than 3:00 a.m. ET would help it reach its intended demographic of families.

The decision may not be the reason for the substantial viewership the series has seen, but it shows a level of being in tune with fan desire — something which has been evident across much of the show so far.

As such, if as the Riordans indicate, Season 2's confirmation relies on viewership and Disney+ performance, a continuation of the story seems more likely than not.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians episodes are going to be released every Tuesday until the end of January on Disney+.

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