Who Is Dennis Greene-McDonald? 4 Things to Know About Bad Boys' Reggie Actor

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Following Bad Boys: Ride or Die's theatrical debut, fans are itching to learn more about one of the film's breakout supporting stars, Dennis Greene.

The fourth Bad Boys movie from Sony Pictures brings back franchise mainstays Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for another round of Miami action as their heroes solve a personal case surrounding their late police captain.

Smith's Mike Lowrey and Lawrence's Marcus Burnett are still front and center, surrounded by supporting stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Ioan Gruffudd, and Tiffany Haddish. However, Dennis Greene (also known as Dennis McDonald) is carving out his spotlight thanks to his memorable character, Reggie.

4 Things To Know about Bad Boys: Ride or Die's Dennis Greene

Dennis Greene as Reggie in Bad Boys for Life
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Dennis Greene Originally Wanted To Be a Basketball Player

Before he made his way into Hollywood, Greene's initial aspirations were in the world of sports, as he wanted to be a basketball star.

As detailed by News 12 in the Bronx, he landed the role of Reggie in 2003's Bad Boys 2 when he was only 15 years old. This was never on his radar in the first place, as basketball was his true passion then.

However, days before he got the role, he discovered he would be a father as a teenager, which made him re-evaluate his life plan.

Through that experience, he used being a teen dad as motivation to push him along in his acting career.

Dennis Felt Blessed To Come Back for Bad Boys 4

Fans know Greene for his role in the last three Bad Boys movies. He was first introduced as a teenager in 2003's Bad Boys 2, when he came to Marcus' house to pick up his daughter, Megan, for a date before being grilled and shredded by Marcus and Mike.

Greene returned for 2020's Bad Boys for Life for a minimal role, as Reggie witnessed the birth of his and Megan's first son before the two got married.

In 2024's Bad Boys: Ride or Die, the character had much more to do, as fans saw him protect his family's home against invaders with his military training.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Greene called his return "a blessing" while letting the world know how excited he was to see Reggie "finally getting his due" with Mike and Marcus:

"This is a blessing. When I got the script and I found out what I was doing, I already knew that this might be something real, real big. He's finally in the family, [Marcus and Mike] finally accepted him, he's finally getting his due, so I'm just happy about that."

Once he learned about Reggie's major fight scene, he realized he had to "get on real military mode" before looking up videos on what he had to do and even going to full military training:

"I had to get on real military mode. I went online and looked up a lot of the things that had to do with military training and stuff like that. So before I even went to military training, I was one step ahead of the curve."

He took on a three-month training regimen, but even with that work, the shoot was still quite challenging.

He recalled moments when fake blood got into his eye and affected his vision, calling the entire sequence "intense:"

"There were times where they would have the special effects, and the blood had got in my eye, and I'm still working through the scene. I'm elbowing the guy and taking his clip out of his gun; that whole scene, I can't even see. I'm just doing that off of just me remembering the [moves]. That was intense."

Dennis Wants To Play Kobe Bryant in a Movie

Looking ahead to his acting future, Greene is set on portraying late Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant (who tragically passed away in January 2020) in a biopic.

In a conversation with HOT 97, he expressed the desire to play the five-time NBA champion in a movie, noting that he's "working on that as we speak:"

"I would like to do a lot more action, and I feel like this movie's exactly what's gonna take that off, and I want to play Kobe in a biopic. That's what I really want to do. I'm working on that as we speak."

He shared similar commentary on Bryant with The Koalition Entertainment, saying the basketball Hall of Famer "makes him keep going" as an actor:

"Kobe Bryant makes me keep going, to keep trying acting. Even though he's not an actor, him, his mannerisms, so it was really that."

Currently, there are no rumored or reported plans for a biopic on Kobe Bryant's life.

Dennis Might Come back for Bad Boys 5

There are no plans in place for Bad Boys 5.

However, speaking with News 12 in the Bronx, Green teased that his Reggie would be set to return for a fifth Bad Boys movie if it were greenlit.

He teased Reggie having much more to do "than just stand at the door and be scared" the way he did in Bad Boys 2, hoping to have much more action in a fifth film:

"Prepare to see Reggie do more than just stand at the door and be scared, Reggie has grown up a whole lot and he's going to take over so be prepared and for that and Part 5, too."

Additionally, he discussed the idea of "building up Reggie's character to be the leading man" in a Bad Boys movie while speaking with Entertainment Weekly.

For now, he continues to "work on [his] craft" and prepare for what the future may hold:

"I'm just working hard, continuing to work on my craft to be ready for that. You never know, you might see 'Bad Boys 5' and see Reggie a lot more."

He then spoke on other ideas for the franchise, including Will Smith and Martin Lawrence "retiring and just playing the back end" as Reggie takes center stage. He hopes to team up with Jacob Scipio's Armando (Mike Lowrey's son), taking the torch for a new generation of Bad Boys fans:

"I can see Martin and Will actually retiring and just playing the back end while they give Reggie the things to do. Me and Armando, I could see both of us getting together and handling things. That can give you eight more 'Bad Boys' movies, we keep the torch going and Will and Martin will always be there, telling us, 'These are the people you have to get,' and we get insight from them."

How To Follow Dennis Greene Online

Fans can follow Dennis Greene online on Instagram (@therealdennismcdonald).

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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