Bad Boys 4: Why Did Theresa Randle Get Replaced?

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Bad Boys 4 Theresa Randle

Bad Boys franchise star Theresa Randle was recast in the latest sequel, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, as audiences wonder why that decision was made.

Randle had starred as the wife of Martin Lawrence's character in all three Bad Boys films to date. It was expected Randle would return to her role after Sony confirmed Bad Boys 4 was moving forward, but that was not the case.

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What Happened to Theresa Randle In the Bad Boys Franchise?

Theresa Randle and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys for Life
Bad Boys for Life

Theresa Randle first appeared as her Bad Boys character, also named Theresa, alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in 1995's debut Bad Boys film. She then returned in the subsequent sequels, Bad Boys II (2003) and Bad Boys For Life in 2020, the latter of which was notably her first on-screen film role in 10 years.

The plot of Bad Boys 3 left Theresa in the picture, seeing her and Marcus still happily married and becoming new grandparents, so it was expected that Randle would return for any subsequent films.

Then, surprisingly, in mid-2023 it was announced (via Variety) that Tasha Smith (Empire) would be taking over the role of Theresa in Bad Boys 4. No reason was given for replacing Randle and neither the actress nor her management provided a statement.

Some fans were quick to express their disappointment online that Randle would not be returning for Bad Boys 4. Many were hoping the actress would continue the role she had held for over 20 years and questioning why there was no reason given for her recasting. 

Theresa Randle Illness & Health Concerns

With no statement from Randle, it still remains unclear why the actress did not reprise her role in Bad Boys 4. However, some public sightings of Randle have led to concerns for the actor's health.

The news of Randle's recasting came shortly after a video of the actress sitting on a walker and wearing purple latex gloves in Los Angeles, California made the rounds on social media. 

Randle's appearance in the video caused some fans to express concerns for her health. However, one commenter, who claimed to have been at the scene when the video was filmed, said the actress was sitting on the walker allegedly due to a broken femur. 

Randle's former manager, Roger Neal, confirmed to Radar Online that the person in the video was indeed Randle but that he did not think she looked to be in a "bad way" based on the clip. 

He also said that he was no longer in contact with her since her phone and email details had changed, and he was no longer sure of who represented her.

Recasting in Hollywood isn't out of the ordinary, but this is usually done as a result of something major like scheduling conflicts. 

Given that Randle has been absent from the screen for the better part of 14 years, only returning for a role in Bad Boys: For Life in 2020, it seems safe to rule out commitments to another project as the reason here. On the other hand, it could simply be Randle's choice not to return to Bad Boys

Without an official statement from the actress or her management, it's unlikely the true reason for her recasting will ever be revealed.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is in theaters now. 

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