Bad Boys 4: Will Smith Shares Promising Update from Sequel Set

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Sony Pictures showed off a fun video to those in attendance at CinemaCon 2023 that showed Bad Boys 4 stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence having a good time on set.

Fans haven’t seen Smith involved with a big project for a long chunk of time. In fact, the thing he’s most famous for in recent years is smacking Chris Rock across the face at the Oscars.

It’s almost fitting given the star’s key involvement in the Bad Boys franchise, which released its third film in 2020. That threequel ended up being hailed as the biggest box office hit in the US pre-pandemic, raking in $426.5 million domestically.

With a fourth entry now in production, Smith and his co-star decided to crash CinemaCon—from afar.

Goofing Around on Bad Boys 4

Will Smith in Bad Boys

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence shared a fun video from the set of Bad Boys 4 for CinemaCon attendees.

According to journalist Eric Goldman, Smith joked how “[they’re] glad [they’re] not there because [they’re there] being paid to do this.”

Though, the two confirmed that they’re “hype” and “excited” to talk about the film.

The clip, on top of the two actors goofing off, showed off some behind-the-scenes looks at what fans can expect.

According to the actors, they are four weeks into filming.

Both Lawrence and Smith had banter about how they’re not at the convention themselves, and the brief video included a ’pretty funny gag’ alongside the duo’s Porsche.

Dana Abercrombie specifically noted that ”the crowd [was] very receptive to Will Smith.”

Bad Boys Forever

With how successful the third entry was at the box office, it’s surprising that it took three years for Sony Pictures to green-light another installment. But what will it be about?

That’s a great question—while the movie is happening, no plot details are known. It’ll surely be yet another wild and bombastic mission for its leading duo.

While talking about the franchise’s future in a previous interview, Lawrence confirmed that they “got one more at least.” So, it seems that they’re keeping the door open for even more troublemaking down the line.

After all, can it even be a franchise without countless sequels?

Outside of Bad Boys, Will Smith will also return for a sequel to I Am Legend 2. Neither project was given a release window.

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