Deadpool 3's Rumored Fantastic Four Crossover Has Marvel Fans Hyped

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Rumors indicated 2005's Fantastic Four team - which included Chris Evans as Human Torch - may be featured in Deadpool 3, and fans are hyped for many different reasons.

MCU fans have been begging to see the Fantastic Four finally enter the MCU for years, especially since Disney acquiring Fox opened the doors to that. Just recently, moviegoers got their first taste of that as John Krasinski appeared as a Variant of Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The long-awaited MCU reboot was confirmed to be on the way on February 14, 2025, although the core cast has yet to be announced. This will mark the third live-action version of Marvel's First Family after two controversial takes on the Fantastic Four were introduced in 2005 and 2015.

Most recently, director Josh Trank delivered the unanimously loathed Fan4stic, which was not only a failure with fans and critics but also at the box office. The team - which included the star power of Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, and more - was later close to making a cameo in Deadpool 2 before directorial changes.

Now, with Deadpool 3 finally on the way to the MCU, these ideas may be resurging, although this time perhaps with another iteration of the team.

Deadpool 3 Rumored to Feature 2005's Fantastic Four Team

Fantastic Four Marvel Studios

Popular insider DanielRPK shared a rumor on his Patreon that Deadpool 3 star Ryan Reynolds is planning for his anti-hero to visit other Fox franchises in his upcoming threequel. The rumor indicates this will involve the 2005 Fantastic Four team that included Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Michael Chiklis.

DanielRPK emphasized that he was strictly sharing this as a rumor at this time - meaning this info was heard in passing, and he was not able to verify it. With this in mind, fans should take this news with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, social media has been flooded with excited Marvel fans in response to the post.

@NicholasPascar5 reacted to the news with a GIF of a young Chris Evans as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, simply saying, "If I see him I go insane."

@ReverseGoblin shared a theory that the movie may loosely adapt the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe storyline and have Deadpool cause chaos in the Multiverse:

"Again. My Initial THEORY When Hugh Was Announced— “#Deadpool kills the Marvel Multiverse” A “#MCU-ified” take on the “Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe” comic…… Where he just causes incursions, further chaosing & setting up #AvengersSecretWars."

@walllcrush98 also speculated that the storyline may amount to "Deadpool Kills the Fox Marvel Universe" as Reynolds' anti-hero massacres the legacy leads:


@its_a_warning had an alternate take - based on the rumors Owen Wilson's Mobius will appear - as they speculated "the TVA is pruning the Fox timelines and Deadpool is escaping," leading to his encounter with Wolverine:

"Now I am pretty sure that the TVA is pruning the Fox timelines and Deadpool is escaping and he rescues Logan and together they both are on the run."

@deadandelicious posited that Deadpool could bump into a Spider-Man Variant on his travels and be the only one to know Peter Parker when he arrives in the MCU after No Way Home caused everyone to forget the young hero:

"What if while Deadpool is universe-hopping, he runs into one of the other Spider-Men? So when he arrives in the MCU, he's the only person who knows who Peter Parker is."

@RedRangerZero proposed that the Fantastic Four's Thing actor Michael Chiklis should hold onto the role for the MCU reboot:

"I still say Michael Chiklis should be brought back as the voice of MCU's Thing. He's a massive fan of the character and was great in those 2 films."

@StraderZane described how they will "lose it" if they see the early 2000s take on Marvel's First Family return to screens:

"I will look insane and lose it if they come Back."

u/AcidTWister said it "would be a waste" if Deadpool's MCU debut didn't involve the Multiverse, even putting aside rumors of the TVA's involvement:

"Deadpool entering the MCU and not being a multiverse movie would be a waste. Even before the TVA announcement."

u/Spirited_Mulberry568 speculated Deadpool 3 will be integral to setting up the MCU's X-Men reboot as it can "rectify legacy casting."

"Yes I bet it’s gonna be one of the most important movies for setting up x men in MCU - and should rectify legacy casting and all sorts of shit if they do it right … totally stoked if this is how they do it."

u/kothuboy21 suggested the threequel may use a similar concept to No Way Home but for the Fox Marvel characters:

"I have a feeling Deadpool 3 is sorta gonna be like a NWH for the Fox stuff so seeing other Fox universes makes sense, especially with the TVA apparently involved."

Marvel Going All Out with Deadpool 3?

With Deadpool 3 becoming the MCU's first former Fox-owned property to join the MCU, the hype is already high to see the two franchises become one for the first time. Now, on top of already giving Hugh Jackman one last ride as Wolverine, this rumor could blow the doors wide open for other past Fox Marvel characters to officially be MCU canon.

MCU star Chris Evans noted how he'd love to see his version of the Human Torch return through the Multiverse, particularly since he doesn't want to ruin his own ending as Steve Rogers/Captain America. Thing star Michael Chiklis also offered his own advice to Marvel about how to bring his own character back, and now, they could actually have the opportunity to give a modern update on their 2000s heroes.

This comes after another rumor noting that Owen Wilson will join the cast of the MCU threequel as Mobius, lending to the idea that he may chase Deadpool throughout the Multiverse as he traverses the timeline to all of the old Fox movies. With more than a dozen entries featuring the X-Men and Fantastic Four, Deadpool 3 looks to hold nothing back on the cameo front, and fans are ready for all of it.

Deadpool 3 will blast into theaters on November 8, 2024.

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