Dead City Season 2 Gets Exciting Updates: When Will It Release?

By Russ Milheim Posted:
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Dead City got an exciting update regarding its Season 2.

The first season left off with a notable lack of resolution, so the fact that there will be a continuation shouldn’t be too confusing for most. In the finale, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) sacrificed his freedom to save Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) son, Hershel (Logan Kim).

Now, Maggie’s in a tough spot pressured to make the right choice and try to save the man who brutally killed her husband.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2 Production Update

A new report from Kendall Cooper Casting, which does extra casting for film and television in the Boston area, shared that it is hiring people for The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2.

More specifically, the company revealed it is seeking individuals to work from April to July, indicating that filming for the series will take place during that timeframe.

Not many filming specifics were revealed, but the report noted that the town of Randolph would be one of a handful of Boston areas used.

Interestingly, the site for the Massachusetts Film Office notes that Dead City Season 2 is actively in production. However, it is worth noting that sometimes sites like this can be a little off the mark when it comes to production timelines.

The listing could also be referencing pre-production, which is almost certainly happening now.

Regarding when fans might see Season 2, the best way to predict its arrival is by looking at the production timeline for Season 1.

The first season was filmed for roughly three months and premiered eight months later. Given that information, if Season 2 wraps in July, it could debut as early as March 2025.

What's Next for Maggie & Negan in Dead City Season 2?

Many fans will undoubtedly be excited to see progress on The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2. After all, some pressing plot threads need resolving.

The most important is Negan’s current predicament: He has been blackmailed into helping Lisa Emery’s Dama take control of New York City. The former villain has been backed into a corner, which does not usually end well for those around him.

Assuming Maggie does save Negan, the big rescue could be a defining moment in the duo’s dynamic and end their squabbling.

Interestingly, The Walking Dead spinoff The Ones Who Live is also due for a Season 2. Perhaps these upcoming seasons will make progress in getting the original show’s cast members that much closer to crossing paths once again.

After all, who doesn't want to see this new Negan meet Rick Grimes?

Next, the creatives behind The Walking Dead franchise must get Daryl and Carol back onto North American soil—assuming the fan-favorite best friends survive Daryl Dixon Season 2.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 is streaming on AMC+.

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