Darkseid-Like Villain Rumored to Appear In DC Films' Blue Beetle

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Darkseid, Blue Beetle

2022 has already been a huge year for DC Comics with Matt Reeves' The Batman, and the studio isn't done just yet. Also on the slate are Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam film releasing in July, along with The FlashAquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Batgirl coming later in the year. When it comes to 2023, however, the headline project as of right now is Angel Manuel Soto's Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle was supposed to be a DCEU film that would premiere directly on HBO Max, but after consideration from the studio, it is now a theatrical release that will debut on August 18, 2023. Not much is known about the movie, but it has been confirmed that Jamie Reyes will be the lead character, portrayed by Cobra Kai's Xolo Maridueña. 

Three actors were recently revealed to be joining the cast - Bruna Marquezine as the female lead, Belissa Escobedo as Jamie's younger sister, Milagros, and Harvey Guillen, whose character hasn't been announced. 

Since the announcement of the film, many fans have been wondering who the villain would be, as well as the actor that would be portraying them. Recent rumors have surfaced about who it may be, and they are a character that can even be compared to the New God, Darkseid.

Lady Styx as Blue Beetle's Adversary

Lady Styyx

A rumor from The Illuminerdi suggests that Lady Styx will serve as the main antagonist for DC's 2023 film, Blue Beetle​​​​​​. The report also revealed that the casting department is searching for an actress in their 50s or 60s to portray the villain.

Lady Styx was introduced in the 2006 DC comic run, 52. She has never made an appearance in any live-action or animated medium, so if the rumors are true, Blue Beetle will be the first time the character appears on-screen.

It is important to note that Lady Styx was created to echo the likes of Darkseid, who, at the time, was "overused" in the eyes of the DC Comics' writers.

A Lesser-Known Villain

Lady Styx is a relatively unexplored character in the DC source material when compared to other names. She has only made an appearance in a handful of comic issues, so there is much to be explored about her character as a whole.

It seems as though DC is taking the route of focusing on lesser-known characters when it comes to the future. This allows the studio to get creative with the stories that come out, as viewers won't have any expectations or hopes that a specific character will be adapted in a certain way. 

Even though she isn't an A-list character, her reputation as being similar to Darkseid definitely holds up. In a comic story, it is revealed that she is responsible for murdering a massive chunk of the Justice League in the future. When it comes to looks, Lady Styx is as terrifying as they come. She is of an alien race with four arms and has control over thousands of creatures known as Darkstars that ravage planets to recruit more for her cause.

With other castings being officially announced recently, it likely won't be long before fans know if Lady Styx really will be the main villain of Blue Beetle, as well as who will be playing her.

Blue Beetle arrives in theaters on August 18, 2023.

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