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While many companies are sitting this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) out, DC Comics will still boast a presence.

Marvel Studios truly rocked the boat when it announced that it’d be skipping SDCC this year. Not long after, it was confirmed that other studios like Sony Pictures, HBO, Universal, and Netflix would not be present this year. 

Thankfully, for comic book fans, there are still big panels to be excited about.

For those looking to read a comprehensive list of DC Comics’ panels at SDCC, this is the right place to be.

DC Comics’ Schedule for SDCC 2023

DC Films Superhero Intro

Wednesday, July 19

Warner Bros. will have a presence during the convention’s preview night in Ballroom 20.

The studio will be screening an all-new episode of Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! and the first episode of Superpowered: The DC Story, a new Max Original documentary series.

Thursday, July 20

DC will start the first film day of the convention with “Building the DC Universe on WEBTOON” at 10:30-11:30 a.m. PT in Room 4. This panel will “discuss bringing classic superheroes to WEBTOON:”

“Building the DC Universe on WEBTOON – Marie Javins (DC Editor-in-Chief), David Lee (VP of content for WEBTOON), CRC Payne (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures), Manou Azumi (Vixen: NYC), Patrick Young (Red Hood), and moderator Rosie Knight (Den of Geek) discuss bringing classic DC Super Heroes to WEBTOON.”

DC will also have “Max Original Animation Presents” in Ballroom 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PT.

In attendance will be the creative teams and stars on shows such as Adventure Time, Young Love, and the fourth season of Harley Quinn:

“Max Original Animation Presents – Join Max Original Animation for a celebration of new and returning animated series, including an expansion in the ‘Adventure Time‘ universe, ‘ADVENTURE TIME: FIONNA & CAKE’; a new animated series ‘YOUNG LOVE’, based on the characters from Matthew A. Cherry and Sony Pictures Animation’s Oscar-winning animated short, ‘Hair Love’; and a preview of the upcoming fourth season for the fan-favorite ‘HARLEY QUINN’. The panel will feature exclusive sneak peeks, surprise guests, and more that you won’t want to miss! The panel will be moderated by Damian Holbrook (TV Guide Magazine).”

Critically acclaimed comic writers Tom King and Tom Taylor, who wrote titles such as Wonder Woman and Titans, will lead a panel in Room 6DE from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. PT titled “Between Two Toms:"

“Between Two Toms – DC’s Tom King (Wonder Woman) and Tom Taylor (‘Titans’) are kicking off San Diego Comic-Con together by discussing comics and more. Celebrity guests between the Toms this year will include Nicola Scott (‘Titans’) and Mitch Gerads (‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’).”

Following that panel, from 12:45 p.m.-1:45 p.m. PT in the same room (Room 6DE), “Gotham City” will see DC storytellers gather around to discuss what’s next for Batman and his iconic city:

“Gotham City – Whether it’s in the past, present, or future, Gotham City has been the backdrop for some of the greatest stories in DC history featuring Batman, his allies and his foes. Join DC storytellers Tom King, Tini Howard, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Ram V, Belén Ortega and a surprise guest or two to find out what’s to come for The Dark Knight and the other Super Heroes and Super Villains that make Gotham City the place to be in the DCU!”

Friday, July 21

From 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. PT, “Dawn of DC” will preview “over 20 exciting new titles” for DC Comics’ upcoming slate in room 6DE:

“Dawn of DC – With epic new storylines, over 20 exciting new titles, superstar creative teams, and villains that have pushed the Super Heroes beyond their limits in bold adventures, the “Dawn of DC” has been in full swing all year. Hear directly from some of the superstar writers and artists behind your favorite stories, including Ram V. (Detective Comics), Joshua Williamson (‘Batman & Robin’), Nicola Scott (‘Titans’), Tom King (‘Wonder Woman’), Joanne Starer (‘Fire and Ice’), Josh Trujillo (‘Blue Beetle’) and Tom Taylor (‘Titans’).”

DC Comics’ upcoming Knight Terrors event will be previewed from 1:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. PT as the story architects tease “what haunts the dreams of DC Super Heroes and Super Villains:”

“Dawn of DC: Knight Terrors – It’s not all just a dream! The next chapter of ‘Dawn of DC’ is here and Knight Terrors architect Joshua Williamson (‘Knight Terrors’) with special guests Jeremy Adams (‘Knight Terrors: Green Lanterns), Dennis Culver (‘Knight Terrors: Zatanna’) and more preview what haunts the dreams of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains.”

“Jim Lee & Friends” promises to have “reveals that will have everyone talking” in room 6A from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. PT:

“Jim Lee & Friends – Jim Lee (DC President, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer) is on hand to bring out a few of his friends for discussions and reveals that will have everyone talking long after the Con is over! You won’t want to miss this. Room 6A”

To finish off the day, in Ballroom 20, DC will be screening the upcoming animated feature-length film Justice League: Warworld from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. PT. There will also be a panel discussion:

“Justice League: Warworld – Be among the first fans to see Warner Bros. Animation’s all-new, feature-length film ‘Justice League: Warworld’ at this World Premiere screening. In this R-rated film, DC’s Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman find themselves in mysterious lands and precarious circumstances with no memory of how they arrived there and only vague recollections of their true selves. There will also be a panel discussion in addition to the World Premiere screening. ’Justice League: Warworld’ will be available to own on Digital, 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on July 25, 2023.”

Saturday, July 22

In Room 6DE, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., fans can attend “The World of Metropolis,” where various creatives will discuss and “provide exclusive details” on upcoming “stories in the City of Tomorrow:”

“The World of Metropolis – Superman isn’t the only force to be reckoned with in Metropolis. The top comic book writers and artists working on stories in the City of Tomorrow, including Joshua Williamson (‘Superman’), Sina Grace (‘Superman: The Harvests of Youth’), Phillip Kennedy Johnson (‘Action Comics’) and a few more surprise guests, provide exclusive details on what fans can expect in some of the most action-packed comics.”

Sunday, July 23

The final DC Comics panel is “DC Books for Young Readers” from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. PT in Room 6DE.

This conversation will showcase “some of the creators behind the publisher’s popular middle-grade and young adult graphic novels:”

“DC Books for Young Readers – DC showcases some of the creators behind the publisher’s popular middle-grade and young adult graphic novels, with exciting announcements about titles arriving soon! Star writers and artists will be discussing their projects, including Nicole Maines (‘Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story’), Sina Grace (‘Superman: The Harvests of Youth’), Penelope and Jerry Gaylord (‘Diana and the Hero’s Journey; Clark & Lex’), Jeffrey Brown (‘Batman and Robin and Howard’), and Jim Benton (‘Fann Club: Batman Squad’), with a surprise guest.”

Will DC Studios Show Up to Hall H?

While there are lots of panels about the world of DC Comics, there is a notable absence: DC Studios.

Its attendance remains a mystery. While it could still happen, the odds feel low, given all the other big names not showing up.

But what exactly would James Gunn show off?

Many thought his casting choice for Superman would be the big announcement at the convention, but David Corenswet’s tenure as the Man of Steel was already made public. DC Studios also hasn’t properly filmed anything, so footage teases would be extremely limited.

The company could show off the first glimpse of the Creature Commandos in action, but that’s not enough to warrant a space in Hall H (the venue’s premiere space).

Maybe Gunn could bring along a ton of concept art, revealing new information on their upcoming projects. Perhaps he might even reveal the proper villain of Superman: Legacy.

San Diego Comic-Con will be held in San Diego, California from Thursday, July 20 to Sunday, July 23.

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