Disney+'s Daredevil Star Teases Returning Netflix Characters After Controversial Recasting

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Daredevil Netflix poster, Hell's Kitchen

One of the stars from the upcoming MCU Disney+ series, Daredevil: Born Again, teased the return of characters from the late Netflix show in a recent interview.

When the new 18-episode Marvel Studios project was announced, the first two names attached were Charlie Cox and Vincent D’OnofrioDaredevil and Kingpin, respectively.

Most recently, to the joy of many, it was revealed that Jon Bernthal’s Punisher will be showing up in the series. The size of his role to play remains a mystery, but just having him in some capacity is enough for most.

However, past those three names, no other returning characters from the original Netflix show, Daredevil, have been confirmed.

In fact, a controversial bit of casting information recently hit the web, which revealed Sandrine Holt is joining the show as Vanessa Fisk, taking over for Ayelet Zurer. Needless to say, some vocal fans weren't the happiest.

Born Again Star Teases Returning Netflix Players

Michael Gandolfini Daredevil

In an interview with ET Canada, Daredevil: Born Again star Michael Gandolfini talked about his excitement to be a part of the MCU project while also teasing that fans will be seeing more returning faces from the original Netflix series.

Gandolfini exclaimed how he’s “very giddy” about Born Again, and declared that fans will be thrilled to see characters who were previously in the Netflix series:

"I'm very giddy about it and very excited. I'm counting the days till we start and I'm honored to be a part of it. We get to shoot in New York. People are gonna be really happy to see these characters that we previously saw in the Netflix series like in the MCU."

This comes after the recasting of Vanessa Fisk in Born Again, with Sandrine Holt now taking over the role. This controversial move has caused concern from some fans, who are fearful that other favorites are now at risk of being replaced.

In particular, many fans are worried about the fates of Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll, who portrayed Foggy Nelson and Karen Page in Netflix's Daredevil, respectively. Whether Galdofini could be referring to this duo's return or another past character's appearance is unknown.

Which Netflix Characters Might Come Back?

The question of who is returning to Born Again has been the subject of many conversations ever since the project was announced.

Rumors have been swirling regarding Krysten Ritter coming back as Jessica Jones. Likewise, many hope to see Mike Colter’s Luke Cage get invited to the party as well.

As for Finn Jones’ Iron Fist, it might be best not to hold one’s breath.

When it comes to Michael Gandolfini, who he is in the show remains a mystery. Many fans believe he could be playing the Kingpin’s son, Richard Fisk, though Marvel Studios has not revealed his identity.

Sadly, there will be several names who won’t be returning to Disney+.

There’s the previously mentioned casting of Vanessa Fisk for one. Additionally, the actors for both Karen Page and Foggy Nelson aren't currently expected to return—though the status of their characters, in general, remains a mystery.

Daredevil: Born Again is set to premiere on Disney+ at some point in spring 2024.

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