First Look at Charlie Cox on Disney+'s Daredevil Set (Photo)

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Daredevil: Born Again started production, and a new photo from the set showcased the first look at Charlie Cox

The production of the upcoming Daredevil reboot from Disney+ is poised to give fans a better look at the new and returning characters via set photos. Given the 18-episode length of the show, Daredevil: Born Again is set to make history since it will film across 11 months - the longest production in the MCU.

Cox has already been spotted in New York even before filming began, allowing eagle-eyed fans a glimpse at the Daredevil actor. 

Daredevil Disney+ Reboot Set Photo Shows Charlie Cox

New York film fan @dannygonz16 posted a new photo of himself alongside Charlie Cox on the set of Daredevil: Born Again, giving fans a first look at the MCU actor's return to filming: 

Charlie Cox

Past set photos revealed the first look at Daredevil: Born Again's start of production, showing off crew members setting up lighting and camera equipment outside of Yonkers' mayor's office in Westchester County, New York.

How Will Daredevil Disney+ Reboot Avoid Spoilers?

While it's quite surprising that a fan was able to snap a photo with Charlie Cox on the Daredevil: Born Again set, it's possible that this happened in-between takes. Still, seeing the Daredevil actor back on set is a promising sign, and it's safe to assume that more photos will arrive online. 

Although the first image of Cox on set doesn't offer hints at what the Disney+ show's story will be, the actor could potentially be filming indoor scenes first in order to avoid spoilers, especially from the paparazzi. 

Moreover, given that the involvement of some actors like Jon Bernthal and Sandrine Holt as Vanessa Fisk has already been revealed ahead of filming, these cast members may end up filming a good chunk of outdoor scenes, and leaking set photos wouldn't equate to spoilers. 

Hopefully, as filming continues in the coming months, a preview of Cox being back in action on the streets of Hell's Kitchen could be released online.

Daredevil: Born Again is expected to premiere on Disney+ in Spring 2024.

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