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Criminal Code Netflix

Netflix's new Brazilian hit, Criminal Code, featured a remarkable cast of Brazilian stars as they unpack the crime underbelly of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. 

Directed by Pedro Morelli and Heitor Dhalia, Criminal Code is an eight-part series that revolves around the stories of police officers and criminals alike. It is based on a real-life robbery that took place in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay in 2017. 

Criminal Code made its premiere on Netflix on November 14.

Every Main Actor & Character in Criminal Code 

Here's a list of every main actor who appears in Criminal Code, with details about their characters and filmography below:

  • Maeve Jinkings - Suellen
  • Rômulo Braga - Benício
  • Thomás Aquino - Sem Alma
  • Giovani di Lorenzi - Yuri
  • Guilherme Silva - Moreira
  • Alex Nader - Isaac
  • Marcio Borges - Assunção
  • Thiago Brianti - Guilherme
  • Pedro Caetano - Rossi
  • Ramon Brant - Roleta
  • Daniel Blanco - Gabriel

Maeve Jinkings - Suellen

Maeve Jinkings as Suellen
Maeve Jinkings

Maeve Jinkings brings Suellen to life in Netflix's Criminal Code.

Suellen is a detective and Benicio's partner who helped investigate the heist that took place in Ciudad del Este. After being away due to maternity leave, Suellen was eager to go back to the field. 

Suellen and Benicio worked hand-in-hand to uncover the secrets of the robbery gang, with them even disguising themselves as husband and wife at one point and befriending one of the wives of the criminals.

Jinkings is a famous Brazilian actor best known for her roles in Sweet Diva, Lama dos Dias, and Land of the Strong.

Rômulo Braga - Benício

Rômulo Braga as Benício
Rômulo Braga

Benicio (played by Rômulo Braga) is the head detective assigned to investigate the Ciudad del Este heist. 

The character believed that one of the robbers was responsible for his former partner's demise, meaning that he will do whatever it takes to bring the crime gang down. 

As a detective, Benicio is known for being one of the deadliest Brazilian federal cops. 

Braga has several notable credits to his name, such as portraying roles in Sol, The Boat, Blue Blood, and Elon Doesn't Believe in Death.

Thomás Aquino - Sem Alma (Soulless) 

Thomás Aquino as Sem Alma (Soulless)
Thomás Aquino

Sem Alma (also known as Soulless) is played on-screen by Thomás Aquino. 

The character is a member of the gang who carried out the robbery in Ciudad del Este. Episode 1 showed that Alma was brought in as a suspect, but he was let go due to a technicality. 

Soulless was considered the brains behind the operation. It was eventually revealed that his real name was Wellington Pereira and he had a wife named Monica who he is trying to protect from his gang. 

Aquino previously appeared in different movies and TV shows such as The Others, September Mornings, and Serial Kelly.

Giovanni di Lorenzi - Yuri

Giovanni di Lorenzi as Yuri
Giovanni di Lorenzi 

Giovanni di Lorenzi plays Yuri, a forensic expert who helped Benicio and Suellen to find out the identities of the criminals after the police went out and raided the mansion where the gang used to operate and plan their next movies.

di Lorenzi is known for his roles in Rust, God Save the King, and Warden.

Guilherme Silva - Moreira

Guilherme Silva as Moreira
Guilherme Silva

Moreira is an undercover agent who was able to meet his informant which allowed the viewers to learn more about Pedro Juan, aka the king of the border. 

The character is played by Guilherme Silva.

In Criminal Code, Moreira went undercover as a member of the gang called the Organization. To get out of his precarious predicament, Moreira faked his death. 

Silva has a few notable credits to his name like Falas Negras and Siren's Song.

Alex Nader - Isaac

Alex Nader as Isaac
Alex Nader

Part of Criminal Code's cast is Alex Nader as Isaac, one of the leaders in the criminal gang known as the Organization. 

Under the umbrella of the crime syndicate, Isaac served as the head of the ghost gang. This was a group that never left any evidence at the crime scene and could escape by any means necessary.

Nader is known for his past roles in Arcanjo Renegado, Motorrad, and Nós.

Marcio Borges - Assunção

Marcio Borges as Assunção
Marcio Borges

Marcio Borges plays a character named Assunção in Criminal Code.

Benicio approached Assunção in Episode 3 for help with the Proguard case.

Borges is a Brazilian composer known for his work on Island, The Other Side of Paradise, and Brazilian Beats.

Thiago Brianti - Guilherme

Thiago Brianti as Guilherme
Thiago Brianti

Guilherme (played by Thiago Brianti) was a mole within the police department who gave classified intel to the Organization and used it to their advantage. 

The character worked with Isaac to try and bring down the police force from the inside. 

Aside from Criminal Code, the only other starring role of Brianti is from his portrayal of Homero in As Aventuras de José & Durval.

Pedro Caetano - Rossi

Pedro Caetano as Rossi
Pedro Caetano

Pedro Caetano's Rossi received the burden of leading the police to uncover the secrets behind the gang activity after Police Director Wladimir left to fix personal matters in Brasilia. 

Rossi was the one responsible for assigning the case to Benicio and Suellen even though Wladimir chose undercover agent Moreira for the job. 

Caetano is known for his roles in Good Morning, Veronica, Verdict, and Vicky e a Musa

Ramon Brant - Roleta

Ramon Brant as Roleta
Ramon Brant

Roleta became famous for pulling off a crazy armed truck heist and this was the main reason why Soulless contacted him for a new job. The character is played by Ramon Brant.

Brant previously starred in Goatling, Hit Parade, and Carinho.

Daniel Blanco - Gabriel

Daniel Blanco as Gabriel
Daniel Blanco

Daniel Blanco plays a character named Gabriel. 

Blanco is a veteran Brazilian cinematographer known for his work in Crossfire, How to Kill Mom, and Yo Fausto. 

Tiago Real - Wladimir

Tiago Real as Wladimir
Tiago Real

Wladimir (played by Tiago Real) is Rossi's boss who assigned Moreira to keep an eye on the team while they are doing their investigation. 

Criminal Code is Real's most notable acting credit.

Criminal Code is now streaming on Netflix.

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