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Blood Coast Netflix characters

Netflix's 2023 French crime drama, Blood Coast, has a strong cast of actors led by Rogue City's Moussa Maaskri and Braquo's Nicolas Duvauchelle. 

Directed by César Awards-winning filmmaker Olivier Marchal, Blood Coast revolves around Captain Lyès Benamar's (Tewfik Jallab) quest to put an end to a drug ring led by Franck Murillo (Nicolas Duvauchelle). The series premiered on Netflix on December 6. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Blood Coast

Florence Thomassin - Marion Fabiani

Florence Thomassin as Marion Fabiani in Blood Coast
Florence Thomassin

Florence Thomassin brings Police Commissioner Marion Fabiani to life in the new 2023 crime drama. The two lead detectives, Benemar and Vidal, report for Fabiani. 

While Fabiani is not a fan of Benemar's dangerous methods of capturing criminals, she still believes that such strategies can get the job done. 

To do so, however, someone needs to oversee Benemar's actions, leading to hiring Alice Vidal as his new partner. 

Thomassin rose to prominence when she had her scene-stealing performance as Beatrice in A Matter of Taste. The actress also has credits in A Very Long Engagement, Tell No One, and Inside.

Nicolas Duvauchelle - Franck Murillo

Nicolas Duvauchelle as Franck Murillo in Blood Coast
Nicolas Duvauchelle

Franck Murillo is the notorious drug cartel leader who escapes from police custody at the beginning of the series after attending his son's funeral. The character is played by Nicolas Duvauchelle. 

As a wanted man around the world, Murillo is at his best when he's trying to hide from authorities. 

Veteran actor Nicolas Duvauchelle has over 60 credits to his name, with roles in Polisse, Inside, and The Second Wind.

Olivier Barthelemy - Arno Cabella

Olivier Barthelemy as Arno Cabella in Blood Coast
Olivier Barthelemy

Arno Cabella (played by Olivier Barthelemy) is part of Lyes Benemar's team who helps take down Franck Murillo. 

At the beginning of Blood Coast, Arno and the rest of Benemar's group are in pursuit of a low-class drug dealer in Corbière, but the mission goes awry when a stray bullet accidentally hits a civilian.

Barthelemy has had several notable appearances, such as roles in Overdose, Largo Winch II, and Mike

Tewfik Jallab - Lyes Benemar

Tewfik Jallab as Lyes Benemar in Blood Coast
Tewfik Jallab

Tewfik Jallab's Lyes Benemar is a judicial police officer known for his reckless methods in solving cases and arresting criminals. 

The Netflix series showcases Benemar's ruthless aggression from the get-go as he brutally interrogates drug assailants.

After his team's mission goes sideways in the opening moments of Blood Coast, Benemar is reprimanded by his boss, Marion Fabiani. 

Despite that, Benemar is hellbent on preventing murderous bloodshed in the city of Marseilles. 

Jallab is known for his roles in La marche, Paradise Beach, P.J., and Fast Convoy

Samir Boitard - Ali Saïdi

Samir Boitard as Ali Saïdi in Blood Coast
Samir Boitard

As a notorious drug dealer and local kingpin, Samir Boitard's Ali Saïdi knows the ins and outs of illegal trading. 

Boitard has credits in Spiral, Torn, Black Spot, and No Limit.

Idir Azougli - Tatoo

Idir Azougli as Tatoo in Blood Coast
Idir Azougli

Idir Azougli plays Tatoo, a loyal member of Benemar's team who helps track down different drug dealers and interrogates them to obtain vital information about their trading. 

Azougli has an impressive resume of acting credits. The actor starred alongside Matt Damon in 2021's Stillwater and also appeared in The Stronghold and Blazing Neon

Jeanne Goursaud - Alice Vidal

Jeanne Goursaud as Alice Vidal in Blood Coast
Jeanne Goursaud

Alice Vidal is Lyes Benemar's new partner from Interpol who is tasked to look out for him after being personally assigned by Police Commissioner Marion Fabiani. The character is played by Jeanne Goursaud.

Vidal's assignment is not a coincidence since it is revealed that she has a personal vendetta against Franck Murillo. Vidal is in pursuit of the drug cartel leader since her father was the one killed at Murillo's funeral. 

Aside from Blood Coast, Goursaud has other notable small-screen roles, with appearances in Barbarians, The Magic Flute, and The 15:17 to Paris.

Lani Sogoyou - Audrey Ilunga

Lani Sogoyou as Audrey Ilunga in Blood Coast
Lani Sogoyou

Acting as one of Benamar's top enforcers, Audrey Ilunga (played by Lani Sogoyou) tries to keep her team in check during missions. 

Audrey is also close with Benamar, and she appears to know most of his secrets as well. 

Perhaps Sogoyou's most recognizable role is portraying Carole Leconte in Plus Belle la Vie. The actress also has credits in Simon Coleman and Grounded

Moussa Maaskri - Tarek Hamadi Dit L’Indien

Moussa Maaskri as Tarek Hamadi Dit L’Indien in Blood Coast

Moussa Maaskri plays Tarek Hamadi Dit L’Indien, an associate of Franck Murillo also known as "The Indian."

One of the main missions of The Indian is to kill Kamel Saïdi, a local drug kingpin in Marseilles.

Maaskri previously appeared in 22 Bullets and Stillwater.

Diouc Koma - Victor Miranda

Diouc Koma as Victor Miranda in Blood Coast
Diouc Koma

Diouc Koma's Victor Miranda is Alice Vidal's colleague who gets assigned to the Internal Affairs department of the Marseille local police force. 

During their initial conversation, Miranda warns Vidal that he is sent by Interpol to "bring some order" into the police force. He also tells his colleague to not be tempted by the illegal inner workings of the department.

Koma is famous for his role as Lucien in The Red Band Society. The actor also has credits in Asphalt Playground, A Screaming Men, and Sentinelles.

Nicolas Sartous - District Attorney

Nicolas Sartous in Blood Coast
Nicolas Sartous

Nicolas Sartous joins the cast of Blood Coast as the district attorney who threatens Commissioner Marion Fabiani about potentially replacing Benamar's team with hand-picked agents from Interpol. 

Sartous is known for his roles in Alex Hugo and Contact.

Ky Mani Said - Bakari

Ky Mani Said as Bakari in Blood Coast
Ky Mani Said

Ky Mani Said plays Bakari, one of Lyes Benemar's orphaned kids who he protects from criminals and abuse. 

Blood Coast is Ky Mani Said's first notable acting credit.

All episodes of Blood Coast are now streaming on Netflix.

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