Chris Hemsworth Reveals Which Thor Movie Is His Favorite

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Thor Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays Thor in the MCU, just shared his own personal rankings for his God-of-Thunder-centric films.

12 years after his initial introduction into the Marvel world, Hemsworth is still one of the franchise's most important centerpieces with a future still ahead of him as the Asgardian superhero.

He also has the distinct honor of being the first MCU star to have four solo movies - a distinction that the Captain America franchise will also have once Captain America: Brave New World makes its debut in July 2024.

What Is Chris Hemsworth’s Favorite Thor Movie?

Thor, Ragnarok

In a video interview for British GQ, MCU stat Chris Hemsworth was asked to rank his four Thor movies "from dope to the dopest."

At the top of his list is 2017's Thor: Ragnarok with the film being his "favorite experience," although he highlighted 2011's Thor for being "the first time [he] ever played the character" as the film kickstarted his entire career:

"Ooh. Oh, this is tricky. 'Ragnarok,' I think was my favorite experience. And 'Thor 1,' because it was the first time I ever played the character, and it was the launch of the whole Marvel experience, and kind of my career. So, I hold them both in very high regard, and I love the other two. The other two were fantastic as well."

He also paid tribute to the Avengers movies, reminiscing on how nobody "knew what it was gonna become" when the team first assembled after all of their Phase 1 solo films:

"And then the 'Avengers' movies, which have all been remarkable and insane. And I don’t think any of us knew what it was gonna become. I think each of us were making our solo films. Not sure if we were ever gonna make another solo film, or even be a part of the Avengers."

Hemsworth took a trip down memory lane to a press tour he and the cast did in Rome, commenting on how he, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, and other cast members enjoyed a night of drinking together when they realized the opportunity in front of them:

"And then when that all came together, I remember being in Rome on the press tour for 'Avengers 1' and realizing, 'Ooh, I think this is gonna work and I think people are gonna love it.' And I think Scarlett was there. Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston was there, and we’re all up late one night having a drink talking about it with Kevin Feige and a number of the other producers, and kind of pinching ourselves going, 'This is, this is incredibly special and kind of a once in the lifetime opportunity.'"

This is far from the first time Hemsworth offered his thoughts on the MCU, as he recently shared an issue he had with 2023's Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

He also recently opened up for the first time about the disappointing reviews from his most recent outing in the MCU, 2022's Thor: Love and Thunder.

When Will Chris Hemsworth Return as Thor?

Although he has his conditions for a potential comeback, Chris Hemsworth remains willing to continue playing his role as the MCU expands further into the Multiverse Saga.

He's also in the midst of an extended break from the big screen, which could mean it will be some time until fans see him wield Stormbreaker again for another massive battle.

Right now, the best bet for where Hemsworth will pop up again would be 2026's Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, which recently had its release date delayed along with a handful of other theatrical releases from Marvel Studios.

He's even teased the possibility that his next appearance as Thor could be one of his last, but after more than a decade playing this iconic role, he seems to be at peace with the time he's spent in such a successful franchise.

All of Chris Hemsworth's appearances as Thor are available to stream on Disney+.

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