New Chris Evans Photo Reveals Unseen Look at Captain America Origin (Throwback)

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Captain America: New World Order took the stage last weekend at D23, where it got thunderous applause. While no footage was shown, as filming hasn’t started, there was some new information revealed. This includes news that the Leader, the very same one set up in The Incredible Hulk 14 years ago, would make his return to be the villain of Sam Wilson’s next big adventure.

As exciting as it’ll be to see the story of the new Captain America unfold, it’s hard not to reminisce about Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers. The character has been out of the picture since Avengers: Endgamethough his actual fate remains a mystery.

Despite that, fans are still hoping to see Rogers again at some point in the future.

While there likely won’t be any new information on that front in the near future, some new images have been released which show some new BTS glimpses into the moment Chris Evans became one of the most famous Avengers.

A New BTS Look at Chris Evans' Origin

Still photographer Jay Maidment has shared a new look at Chris Evans’ performance as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger.

As seen below, the image shows the crew filming the actor from his first feature-length film in the MCU.

Captain America

Alongside the photo on Instagram, came this caption:

“BTS on the set of Captain America The First Avenger. Camera operator Des Whelan lines up a shot on Chris Evans before Steve Rogers’ transformation into Captain America.”

Given the contraption he's strapped into, it's clear that this moment is right before his iconic transformation.

Captain America

Little did Chris Evans know that not only was his character going to go through this massive transformation, but so too was he, at least when it came to his Hollywood career.

Captain America

IGN also released a similar photo back in 2018 of the same moment but cropped and in color.

Captain America, BTS

The Start of a New Origin

So when might Steve Rogers show up again? Sadly, that’s a question with no answer yet.

Previously there was a rumored Nomad series in the works, which could have stared him, but there hasn’t been any further news on that front as of now. But, the MCU has made a pointed note of not giving any details on the character’s fate, likely to leave themselves plenty of space to do whatever they want in the future.

As great as it is to remember the beginning of Chris Evans’ journey, Anthony Mackie is basically at the same important point of his Marvel story, as New World Order will be his first big movie. So, while fans put their hopes of Evans’ return on the back burner, everyone can at least enjoy the rollercoaster that Sam Wilson is about to start.

With the Leader being at the head of the conflict, Captain America may be going up against the biggest threat he’s ever had to face, at least outside of Thanos. Given the antagonist's Hulk connection, this could also mean that Wilson may be integral to the long-rumored World War Hulk movie, as his own Phase 5 film might be the start of that journey as well.

Needless to say, hopefully, Mackie is comfortable with his place in the MCU because it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Captain America: New World Order hits theaters on May 3, 2024.

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