Marvel Studios Set To Bring Captain America-Related Character Nomad Into the MCU

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Captain America Nomad

Marvel Studios is about to unload over two dozen new movies and Disney+ shows into the world, kicking things off one month from now with the highly anticipated WandaVision on Disney+. Last week, Marvel CCO Kevin Feige used a 20-minute presentation at Disney Investor's Day to expand the MCU even further beyond the 18 confirmed projects that were announced through the past two years. This included six new entities on Disney+ and the MCU's first attempt at a movie surrounding Marvel's first family with the undated Fantastic Four.

All the new Disney+ shows announced will have the opportunity to expand on the legacy that Marvel Studios built through the Infinity Saga; for example, Armor Wars and Ironheart will branch off from Tony Stark's work as Iron Man. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn will even bring his band of space misfits together for a holiday special before the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 in 2023. News of another Disney+ entry continuing the Infinity Saga legacy has just arrived, although this one has some mystery surrounding who will be the starring hero.


A new scoop from Charles Murphy of Murphy's Multiverse reveals that Marvel Studios is currently developing a project centered around the classic Marvel character Nomad. Marvel Studios recently trademarked the phrase "Marvel Studios Nomad" for merchandise goods, along with terms for other new projects that were announced at last week's Disney Investor Day presentation.


This is quite the interesting reveal for Marvel Studios, especially considering the hints to Nomad that were already laid out in the Infinity Saga. The common theory was that Chris Evans' Captain America took on the Nomad persona in the two-year gap between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, similar to the events of Black Widow. While this could turn out to be true, it seems most likely that Evans has walked away from Marvel Studios for good, just like Robert Downey, Jr., and there are no indications that he would come back for another full-length project.

Whether "Nomad" becomes a movie or Disney+ series, the project certainly has enough foundation from past MCU entries even without using Captain America again. It could end up coming as a spin-off from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where either Sebastian Stan's Bucky or Wyatt Russell's US Agent takes on the Nomad persona. Other theories point to the multiverse having a role in the Nomad moniker's introduction.

Alternate universe characters such as Rikki Barnes, Bucky's granddaughter, or even a version of Steve Rogers' adopted son Ian could come fill the Nomad role, although there are no indications as to any character or plot details yet. Using these characters could even play into a potential Young Avengers movie or show, which is being heavily implied by the characters confirmed to be coming already. No matter how the project fills out, Nomad should be yet another exciting addition to the MCU as Phase 4 grows more expansive.

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