Marvel Just Recast This Captain Marvel Character for New Disney+ Show

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A major Captain Marvel character was recast for Disney+'s Secret Invasion.

Although the MCU has largely done an impressive job of keeping its actors around for the long run, Marvel Studios has had its fair share of recasts over the years for a variety of reasons - from tragic deaths to financial fall-outs.

The Multiverse Saga has already recast Kathryn Newton's Cassie Lang and Miley Cyrus' Guardians of the Galaxy character and is set to replace William Hurt's General Ross with Harrison Ford after his unfortunate passing.

There's even talk about Jonathan Majors' Kang potentially facing a recast ahead of Avengers 5 due to ongoing controversy and assault allegations against the actor.

Secret Invasion Recasts Captain Marvel's Soren

Secret Invasion Episode 2 featured the return of Talos' wife, Soren, the mother of Emilia Clarke's G'iah. This was during a flashback to a 1995 meeting between Nick Fury and the Skrulls where Fury offered them a place on Earth.

Soren, Secret Invasion
Marvel Studios

Soren has racked up two MCU appearances ahead of Secret Invasion - in which she was revealed by Talos to have died off-screen - with those coming in 2019's Captain Marvel and later that same year in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Soren, Captain Marvel
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In both the '90-set Captain Marvel and the modern-day Spider-Man: Far From Home, Soren was played by Sharon Blynn - who went uncredited in her latter appearance as her role was limited to a post-credits cameo.

Soren, Captain Marvel Credits
Marvel Studios

This time around, Blynne did not reprise the role of Soren, with the character played in Skrull form this time by Kate Braithwaite.

Soren, Secret Invasion Credits
Marvel Studios

Additionally, after agreeing to the terms of Nick Fury's deal to inhabit Earth only while posing as a human, Soren shape-shifted into an everyday woman. For unclear reasons, Braithwaite did not play the human form of Soren, with that role instead being briefly taken on by Charlotte Baker.

Soren, Secret Invasion
Marvel Studios

How Soren's Death Impacts Secret Invasion

By all accounts, Secret Invasion takes place in early 2025, likely under a year after Soren's last appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home, set in Summer 2024. Provided Talos is telling G'iah the truth about her mother's death at the hands of Gravik, her loss is certainly a recent one.

Perhaps the decision to kill Soren off-screen came due to difficulties in bringing back the original actress, leading Marvel Studios to simply recast the character for this minor cameo. Secret Invasion is only two episodes down, so Soren could still return in more flashbacks or even be revealed as alive in a shock twist.

The loss of her mother is bound to be an important motivating factor for G'iah moving forward in Secret Invasion, with the revelation possibly pushing her away from Gravik to join Nick Fury and Talos in stopping his efforts. 

The first two episodes of Secret Invasion are streaming now on Disney+.

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