Captain Marvel 2's Villain Revealed In First Official Merch

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Marvel Studios just gave fans a look at the first official merchandise featuring Zawe Ashton's villain from The Marvels.

While Captain Marvel 2 will rightly focus on its exciting trio of actors in Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, and Iman Vellani, Zawe Ashton looks to plant her own flag in the MCU as the terrifying new villain Dar-Benn.

Ashton will play a gender-swapped version of this powerful Kree, who served as a General in the comics and will likely hold the same rank in the MCU. She even brandishes a weapon similar to that of Captain Marvel’s Ronan the Accuser.

And as she looks to follow in the footsteps of Kang the Conqueror and the High Evolutionary on the big screen, she’ll be an important part of Captain Marvel 2 for Marvel Studios to use in the sequel's upcoming marketing campaign.

Captain Marvel 2 Villain Shines on Merch

As shared by Instagram user, Marvel Studios revealed the first official merchandise featuring Zawe Ashton's villainous Dar-Benn from The Marvels.

Ashton struts forward holding her hammer-like Kree weapon in her hand, donning green robes and a green tint in her hair.

Marvel Studios

This comes only a few weeks after Ashton made her first appearance in the trailer for Captain Marvel 2 which arrived online in April, complete with a bangle on her wrist that resembles the one which gives Kamala Khan her powers.

Zawe Ashton
Marvel Studios

Also shown in this new merchandise is a promotional image featuring this movie's main trio of heroes with Maria Rambeau, Carol Danvers, and Kamala Khan being shown off alongside each other.

Monica Rambeau, Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan
Marvel Studios

The heroic trio gets the spotlight in another image showing the characters from the waist up, standing tall in superhero poses and all donning their new super suits that will be seen in the sequel.

Monica Rambeau, Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan
Marvel Studios

How Will Captain Marvel 2's Villain Add to MCU?

With the potential that Captain Marvel 2 could take Carol Danvers' powers away for some of the story, fans will be curious to see how formidable Zawe Ashton's new villain is against the leading trio.

This merch only reinforces how powerful and intimidating Ashton's antagonist will be, which comes after exclusive footage shown at the D23 Fan Expo gave fans the first taste of what she'd do on the big screen.

Ashton will be just one of nearly a dozen major stars in this sequel to take the spotlight as Carol Danvers works with a team of heroes for the first time in one of her solo movies.

On top of the cast, Ashton's Kree villain will be an important piece of plot and story detail to pay attention to while Carol and crew look to complete their next mission.

The Marvels will debut in theaters on November 11.

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