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Sound of Freedom director Alejandro Monteverde is returning to theaters with his new film, Cabrini.

Cabrini is another Angel Studios production starring Cristiana Dell'Anna. She plays Francesa Cabrini, an Italian-American Catholic nun who established the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the late 1800s.

The movie began principal photography in Western New York during Summer 2021 and later shifted to Rome, Italy, in the fall of the same year.

Where To Watch Cabrini

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Cabrini is gearing up to release in theaters on Friday, March 8, International Women's Day.

For more information on showtimes and tickets, here are some helpful links to find a nearby theater:

A notable part of Angel Studios' projects is the Pay It Forward initiative, which allows donors to pay for tickets to upcoming projects. In this case, supporters may already Pay It Forward for Cabrini, and free tickets will be available in March.

Can I Stream Cabrini Online?

As the film is still awaiting its theatrical release, potential viewers can expect to wait several months until Cabrini will be available to stream online.

All Angel Studios films eventually stream on its website at no extra cost, but donating to the company is always welcomed to help spread its content.

Currently, an exception is being made to Sound of Freedom, which became the most unlikely summer hit at the box office in 2023. Sound of Freedom is not free to watch on the Angel Studios streamer but is available to Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

However, Cabrini is unlikely to see such success with movie-goers and will likely become available to stream for free on Angel Studios' website following its theatrical run.

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What Is Cabrini About?

As detailed on the official website, Cabrini centers around Francesca Cabrini, an Italian immigrant venturing into the bustling streets of New York City in 1889, where she is met with the harsh realities of disease, crime, and destitute children.

Undeterred by the challenges, Cabrini aims to persuade the skeptical mayor to prioritize securing housing and healthcare for the city's least fortunate members. 

Despite grappling with barriers and her own fragile health, Cabrini's spirit and innovative thinking led her to establish an unprecedented empire of hope. 

Through her determined efforts, she reshapes the landscape of social welfare, leaving a legacy that resonates beyond her time.

Angel Studios and director Alejandro Monteverde hope to inspire and entertain this March.

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