Sound of Freedom Breaks Major Box Office Record

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Sound of Freedom Box Office

The controversial Sound of Freedom broke a major record at the domestic box office.

Angel Studios' surprise big-screen success story continues to gain momentum across North America, despite being mired in controversy and connections to the right-wing Q-Anon movement. 

The film has crossed the $100 million mark globally (via Variety), making it the 16th highest grossing of film of the year in North America, with a chance that it could pass heavy hitters like The Flash and Scream 6

It's impressive considering the film is being disturbed by an independent studio in Angel Studios and is a religious film, which is a genre that rarely picks up this kind of steam. 

Sound of Freedom Makes Box Office History

Sound of Freedom poster
Angel Studios

According to a press release from Sound of Freedom distributor Angel Studios, the controversial faith-based thriller broke a major box office record in its second weekend in theaters. 

With the second-weekend jump the movie saw at the ticket window, Angel Studios becomes the first and only studio to achieve a second-week jump greater than 35% during the summer box office season. 

In the release, Bradon Purdie, head of theatrical distribution for Angel Studios, wrote, "There have only been 10 wide-release movies in box office history" to experience this kind of bump, but "all of them achieved this milestone during Christmas:"

“There have only been 10 wide-release movies in box office history that have had a second-weekend increase greater than 35% over their opening weekend. All of them achieved this milestone during Christmas. Angel Studios is the only studio to accomplish this feat during the summer blockbuster season with ‘Sound of Freedom.’”

Senior vice president of global distribution at Angel Studios, Jared Geesey added, "While the entire summer movie box office lineup is underperforming" their "mall independent film continues to grow:"

“While the entire summer movie box office lineup is underperforming, our small independent film continues to grow week over week. Driven by millions of fans and supporters, ‘Sound of Freedom’ has become a national — and soon international — movement for change.” 

Why Is Sound of Freedom So Successful?

No matter what side of the political divide one falls on, this Sound of Freedom run is likely going to come as a shock. 

Despite its controversial elements both in and out of the movie, the movie continues to grow and make more and more money. 

This is in stark contrast to what the rest of the industry has been seeing where growth at the box office at an opening weekend just does not happen. Usually, in fact, these number drop but 50% or more, and it is just an effort to keep that drop as minimal as possible for the studios. 

Yet, in a packed summer season, Sound of Freedom continues to thrive. The movie has seemingly connected with a certain community who have loudly banged the drum on the film, getting others to go out and experience it in a theater. 

Given that the film continues to show positive momentum at the ticket window, it will likely be quite some time before the movie comes to streaming in any capacity, as Angel Studios would be smart to ride this wave as far as it will take them. 

Sound of Freedom is playing in theaters worldwide now. 

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