Boba Fett's The Mandalorian Appearance May Be In Doubt After Jon Favreau's Cryptic Comment

By Andrew Gilman Posted:
Boba Fett and The Mandalorian

The galaxy far, far away is constantly expanding, bringing new and old characters together to tell exciting stories. The Mandalorian has arguably been the most popular thing to come from Star Wars under Disney, meeting universal acclaim from the fans following the show's first season. Anticipation for Season 2 is high, as the continued story of Din Djarin and The Child looks to bring in some familiar faces.

It was recently reported that Temeura Morrison would be joining The Mandalorian to play Boba Fett in the second season, with an expanded role planned for Season 3 . When we last saw Fett, he was tumbling into the belly of the Sarlac in Return of the Jedi , and canonically he hasn't made it out since. While we all look forward to his rumored return, a point made by Jon Favreau may indicate the bounty hunter isn't set to appear in the show...


During the The Mandalorian: Behind the Camera director's panel for ATX Television Festival via Variety , Jon Favreau mentioned Boba Fett as an inspiration for Din Djarin, but noted that the infamous bounty hunter is no more:

We all loved Boba Fett, but we never got as much of him as we all wanted. He came to an unceremonious end in ‘Return of the Jedi.’ We wanted somebody that could kind of live up to what we had hoped to see when we were younger.


While Favreau's comments cast some doubt on Fett's return in The Mandalorian , there's always the possibility that he was being cagey. Favreau and Filoni worked tirelessly to keep The Child a secret, and while Fett's alleged return has already leaked out, there's no way the executive producer for the series would personally spill the beans.

Favreau has mentioned before that Boba Fett has inspired the Mando we've come to know, referencing the popular bounty hunter as far back as the synopsis he released when the show was announced. For all we know, we could finally be getting more of the Fett we always wanted, but we'll have to wait until a trailer or Season 2 to find out.

While Favreau's comments cast a bit of a shadow on the prospects of Fett's return, it's only a matter of time until the bounty hunter finds his way back into new Star Wars stories, and it could still very well happen in The Mandalorian.

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