Is BMF Season 3 Episode 11 Real? When Will the Next Episode Release?

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Da’vinchi Terry Flenory in BMF Season 3 Episode 9

After 10 consecutive weeks of new episodes fans are wondering if and when Episode 11 of BMF Season 3 will be released. 

Produced by rapper Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), BMF has been a huge success over its three seasons on Starz. The TV show draws from the true crime tale of the Flanery brothers who founded the infamous Black Mafia Family. 

Episode 10 was the latest in BMF Season 3 to release and saw brothers Meech and Terry go on a cross-country adventure that included Atlanta and Mexico, all in an attempt to expand their empire. After such an epic episode, it's left many asking when more of the series will be released.

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Is BMF Season 3 Episode 11 Happening?

BMF Season 3 Episode 10 party

In unfortunate news for fans, BMF will not be releasing another episode in Season 3, as Episode 10 served as the season finale. Starz renewed the series for a third season that consisted of ten episodes in January 2023, and those episodes have all since been released.

However, there is a silver lining. Ahead of its Season 3 premiere back in March, BMF was officially renewed for a fourth season by the network, confirming that more episodes of the crime saga are on the way.

What Will Happen in BMF Season 4?

The season finale of BMF left all the characters in an interesting place. Of course, viewers could turn to the history books to find out where the saga might go, but the creatives have hinted at what might happen.

Showrunner Heather Zuhlke said during a recent panel in Atlanta (via The Hollywood Reporter) that after exploring the theme of "reinvention" in Season 3, the next season will see the characters move into "legend mode"

"We’re continuing the journey with these guys as they change their circumstances. And I think we’re really starting to move into legend mode this season and [in] four."

As for when BMF Season 4 may release, things are already progressing quickly with production starting on the new season in Atlanta earlier in Spring. Given BMF historically has a relatively quick turnaround between filming and season premiere dates, it seems likely that Season 4 could arrive in the first few months of 2025. 

The first three seasons of BMF are now streaming on Starz, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu (with a premium subscription).

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