BMF Season 3 Episode 10 Release Date, Time & Confirmed Details

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Da’vinchi as Terry Flenory in BMF

BMF’s season finale is fast approaching, with its release date and time having been revealed.

Starz' BMF tells the 1980s-set story of two brothers who founded the notorious drug-trafficking crime family known as the Black Mafia Family (which is where the series got its title).

BMF first premiered in 2021 and rapper Curtis Jackson aka, 50 Cent, has served as an executive producer on all three seasons, adding it to the roster of television series overseen by the recording artist.

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When Will BMF Season 3 Episode 10 Release?

BMF Season 3 finale

Episode 10 BMF Season 3 (which also serves as the season finale) will be broadcast on Starz on May 10 at midnight. ET. 

This scheduling is a little unusual since there will be a two-week gap between Episode 10 and the previous installment.

The rest of the season only had one-week waits between each episode.

The synopsis for the finale episode, entitled "Prime Time," can be read in full below:

“Meech and Terry return to Atlanta and their American Dream is almost taken from them after the authorities are tipped of their recent Miami endeavor. The brothers work together to retrieve everything they have worked hard for, and plan to expand to St. Louis and other cities with Miami as a hub. They head to Mexico to re-up on their supply. Meech and Terry are in for one of their greatest adventures."

Will BMF Get a Season 4?

BMF will indeed be the recipient of a fourth season.

News of the renewal came before Season 3 even premiered in early March. So fans can expect the story of the Flenory Brothers’ rise to power in the '80s drug market to continue.

As for when the season will make its debut, that is likely to occur sometime in early 2025. The show’s first season began filming in January 2021 and aired on Starz the following September.

So, considering that Season 4 will begin shooting this spring, if the previously laid-out production cycle holds for Season 4, audiences could potentially be tuning in for more BMF as early as January or February 2025.

The BMF season 3 finale will air on May 10 on Starz.

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