Scarlett Johansson & Florence Pugh Make Funny Faces In New Black Widow Selfie With David Harbour

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The MCU fandom is eagerly awaiting the return of Marvel Studios' blockbuster movies, which haven't seen any time in theaters in close to two years. The next of these movies to release will be Scarlett Johnansson's Black Widow, likely bringing Natasha Romanoff's story to an end after more than a decade of service.

The combo star/producer will have an all-star team of supporting talent around her, including Oscar nominee Florence Pugh and Stranger Things star David Harbour amongst others. This group is set to give unprecedented background to Natasha's MCU story, tackling her early childhood while following her on her first solo journey after Captain America: Civil War.

The promotional tour for Black Widow is likely to kick off soon with the MCU's 24th movie only six weeks from its arrival. Some material will come straight from the actors themselves, as is the case in a recent social media post.


Black Widow star David Harbour shared a behind-the-scenes look at the movie in his latest Instagram post.

The selfie features himself alongside Natasha Romanoff actress Scarlett Johansson and Yelena Belova star Florence Pugh outside in a field, likely the same one seen in the movie's trailers. All three of them are giving their best funny face in a fun moment off-camera, and Harbour included the following caption:

"Was Supposed to be a peaceful beautiful selfie about a sunset. Wound up being the definitive inner monologue of each of our characters when the two hambones arrived and made it a trio. Nat, YB, and Captain toothbrushing. We’re comin for ya July 9."

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The cast and crew of Black Widow have been publicly open about their love for the work they've put in on the movie, and they've shared numerous teases of the fun that happens when cameras aren't rolling. Harbour's post adds to this long list of pictures, even though nothing specific about the movie itself is revealed.

This shot likely comes from as far back as three years ago, with filming having finished for Black Widow long before any pandemic-induced MCU delays. Now that the movie's theatrical debut is finally close to the end of the tunnel, more looks like this should be finding its way onto social media throughout June and early July.

Black Widow will release in theaters and on Disney+ on July 9.

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