Black Panther 2 Trailer Release Date Reportedly Revealed

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Black Panther 2 trailer date time

The MCU has already had a massive year with projects such as Moon KnightDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Thor: Love and Thunder having been released. Fans have different movies and shows to look forward to as the second half of 2022 is underway, but as of right now, all eyes are on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The sequel to the groundbreaking 2018 film is set to hit theaters on November 11, and many have been anticipating a teaser trailer to be coming at any time.

Wakanda Forever will feature the return of characters such as Letitia Wright's Shuri, and will also introduce important new heroes and villains into the MCU, like Tenoch Huerta's Namor and Dominique Thorne's Riri Williams (better known as Ironheart)

San Diego Comic-Con is the biggest comic convention in the United States. It is always a possible time and place for studios to present new announcements, trailers, and other showcases. Marvel Studios already revealed multiple new looks at upcoming animated projects at its panel on Friday, but the juicy news is expected to be saved for Saturday when the Hall H panel takes place. The trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been expected to be revealed during this panel, but recent reports suggest that the footage will be released publicly online as well.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer on the Horizon

Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Entertainment insider Daniel Richtman recently revealed that the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer will publicly debut on Saturday, July 23. While nothing is confirmed, it's assumed that the teaser will first drop at San Diego Comic-Con during Marvel Studios' Hall H panel and drop online immediately after. This panel will take place at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PT.

UPDATE: Black Panther 2's trailer has been released, and fans can watch it here.

Wakanda Forever Full Steam Ahead

If the report is true and Marvel Studios is planning to publicly release the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer on Saturday, the same day it is revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, that means the promo circuit will be officially underway.

The movie is set to release in just under four months, so it is unlikely that the released footage will be a full-scale three-minute-long trailer. A compilation of footage that showcases different characters is what will most likely debut with the money shot possibly being the reveal of Namor. It is highly unlikely that any major plot details or dialogue will be given away, but it isn't impossible.

Wakanda Forever is the only theatrical release that Marvel Studios has left for 2022, so it makes sense for it to get the spotlight on the biggest stage of San Diego Comic-Con. Along with details about the movie, fans can also expect the panel to offer some additional announcements about other upcoming projects, and even some first looks at MCU films or shows that will be adding on to Phase 4.

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