Marvel Finally Reveals Namor's Appearance for the Movies (Photo)

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Namor the Sub-Mariner has long been on fans' lists of characters they want to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was a challenge for a long time due to his rights lying with Universal. Now, his first MCU appearance looks to be just over the horizon as Tenoch Huerta reportedly brings the role to life in Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The MCU will first introduce Namor as an antagonist against the people of Wakanda as the country goes to war against the long-hidden nation of Atlantis, which reportedly ties back to Dominique Thorne's Ironheart. This should be only the first of the underwater anti-hero, as Marvel Studios seems prepped to utilize Namor as a key character for a long time to come after Black Panther 2.

Namor, Black Panther 2

While Marvel Studios only began the promo tour for this sequel a couple of weeks ago, fans remain anxious to see exactly what the ruler of Atlantis will look like for his introduction into the Marvel Studios narrative. Now, there may be a hint of what will come on that front thanks to new promotional art that puts Namor in the spotlight.

MCU's Namor In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Namor comics
Marvel Comics

Twitter user @MCU_Facility shared an official piece of promotional art featuring Tenoch Huerta's Namor the Sub-Mariner from Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Huerta dons an outfit quite reminiscent of his look from the comics, although he wears shorts rather than a comic-accurate speedo. He also has Mayan-style pieces on his neck and arms along with aqua blue earrings.

Namor, Black Panther 2

This comes the same day that fans got a first look at other villains from the Black Panther sequel, including the Atlanten warlord Attuma.

Namor's Huge Splash In the MCU

This comes as yet another largely comic-accurate representation of an iconic hero that Marvel has delivered over the past few years, especially since Phase 4 began in early 2021. It also looks nearly identical to a blurred-out image of the hero from a few weeks ago, further confirming that the hero will be taken almost directly from the pages of the comics and put on the big screen. 

Now, fans wait in anticipation to see how exciting and powerful Namor is in the final cut of Black Panther 2, which is the next big-screen outing for Marvel Studios after Thor: Love and Thunder.

There are no signs pointing to when the first trailer for the sequel will arrive, but the first look at Namor should be one of the biggest reveals during that first round of footage unless Marvel wants to save him for a bigger surprise later. With just over four months until the movie fully debuts, he'll be a key piece to watch out for as the MCU continues to expand.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will premiere in theaters on November 11.

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