DC Releases First Clip of Ben Affleck's Return as Batman's Bruce Wayne

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A new look at Ben Affleck's long-awaited DCU return has officially been released thanks to a new clip from The Flash

While the upcoming DC blockbuster is set to focus primarily on Ezra Miller's Scarlet Speedster, there are a number of other heroes that will have their fingerprints all over the film.

One of the most interesting of these is Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman who will be back in what could be his final performance as the Caped Crusader

Affleck's Dark Knight has been prominently featured in the lead-up to the film, showing up in trailers, posters, and even on his fair share of signature merch

A Good Look at Ben Affleck in The Flash

Affleck 1
Warner Bros. 

Ben Affleck makes his triumphant DC return in a newly-released clip from The Flash

Affleck 2
Warner Bros. 

The clip features a longer look at a scene fans have now seen a number of times in marketing for the upcoming super-powered blockbuster. 

Affleck 3
Warner Bros.

The sequence sees Affleck's Bruce Wayne confronting Ezra Miller's over-his-head Barry Allen as he attempts to warn the young hero of the consequences of going back in time to save his mother from her certain death. 

Affleck 4
Warner Bros. 

Affleck's longtime DC hero tells the over-ambitious speedster the young hero's plan (if possible) is "wildly irresponsible" and could "destroy everything."

See the full clip below:

What Is Batfleck Doing in The Flash?

With veteran Batman actor Michael Keaton also making his return to the role in The Flash, some may wonder why Ben Affleck is a part of the upcoming blockbuster, but it seems like the actor has a vital role still yet to play. 

Judging from this clip and the various glimpses of Affleck's Batman/Bruce Wayne, it looks as though the character will serve as the Multiversal voice of reason for Ezra Miller's titular hero. 

Fans have heard this "[you could] destroy everything" warning a number of times in marketing for the film so far, as Bruce warns Barry of what could happen if he attempts to race through time to save his family. 

Obviously, Miller's DC hero does not heed this warning from Bruce, as the character ends up traversing the Multiverse and shattering his very reality. 

It will be interesting to see, with seemingly much of the film taking place in this alternate reality, if Affleck's hero will play a part in the rest of the movie after issuing this admonition. 

Audiences have seen the DCEU mainstay getting in on some action sequences in the film, but they likely will take place early in the movie, with The Flash leaving the character behind shortly after the first act. 

The Flash races into theaters on Friday, June 16.  

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