DC Reveals Ben Affleck's New & Final Batcave (Photos)

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Ben Affleck's Batman is getting a brand-new Batcave in The Flash, and it was just revealed in the movie's final trailer.

After appearing in Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League, Ben Affleck will return for his third Batman appearance next month in The Flash. This will also serve as the actor's final time as the Dark Knight before the iconic hero is recast for James Gunn's upcoming Brave and the Bold reboot.

Fans have already caught a look at a brand-new suit that will accompany Affleck's Batman return as well as a peak at his Bruce Wayne talking with Barry Allen.

Unfortunately, Affleck's final Batman appearance will be a short-lived one, as the DCEU hero is only expected to appear for around five minutes before Michael Keaton's Caped Crusader enters the fray.

First Look at Ben Affleck's New Batcave

The final trailer for The Flash revealed a brand-new Batcave design for Ben Affleck's DCEU Batman, and it appears to be very different from the one featured in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

The Flash, Batcave
Warner Bros.

Along with the scene confirming the return of Jeremy Irons' Alfred, Bruce Wayne's famous butler was shown communicating with Ezra Miller's Flash from a high-tech set-up in the new Batcave.

The Flash, Batcave
Warner Bros.

Looking at the cave shown in Batman v Superman, the aesthetic also resembles a parking garage with more of the complex visible above.

Batman v Superman, Batcave
Warner Bros.

Some of this complex was featured again in Justice League, with that space looking more akin to an expensive corporate building than a usual Batcave.

Justice League, Batcave
Warner Bros.

Dangling above Bruce Wayne's new Batcave in The Flash appears to be the Flying Fox, the three-story airplane built for the Justice League. The plane will be getting involved in the action once again in The Flash, as the DCEU's Batman can be seen dropping onto the streets on his motorcycle from the Flying Fox.

Ben Affleck, Batman, The Flash, Flying Fox
Warner Bros.

DC Goes Big on Batcaves

Ben Affleck's new Batcave design appears far more akin to its traditional comic look than the corporate headquarters-styled base featured in Zack Snyder's two movies with the character. Unfortunately, this new Batcave will likely never be seen again as Affleck will vacate the Batman role after The Flash.

That said, this was seemingly always the plan, even before James Gunn and Peter Safran took over DC Studios and announced their Brave and the Bold reboot. Going back as far as January 2021, before The Flash even started filming, it was reported Michael Keaton was placed to replace Affleck in the DCEU.

For the first time, The Flash will feature two separate Batcaves in one movie, as fans will also take a return trip to Keaton's superhero headquarters once the Multiverse shenanigans kick into gear. That Batcave appears to be a separate all-new design with more influence from Tim Burton's Batman movies.

DC has made a point of giving each Batman their own distinct Batcave to fit their character and the tone of their movies. Looking ahead, fans will likely revisit Robert Pattinson's Batcave in October 2025's The Batman 2 before exploring a whole new lair with a new Dark Knight in the undated Brave and the Bold.

The Flash hits theaters on Friday, June 16.

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