Watch: Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Her 96th Birthday With Avengers Theme Song

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Since the MCU took over Hollywood, superheroes and pop culture have seen a dramatic shift into the mainstream spotlight, having once been primarily enjoyed by a much smaller fan base. The films and series continue to be among the biggest in the world every year, and once unheard of heroes are now household names. 

2012's The Avengers was a game-changing moment for this shift, as the blockbuster team-up quickly broke records. While the majority of the audience for pop culture originates in the USA., the MCU is popular globally, particularly in other Western countries such as the UK - where the movie went by Avengers Assemble due to a famous '60s British TV show sharing the same name.

The UK is known worldwide for countless reasons but perhaps most famously for its royal family and reigning monarch, who is currently Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has just celebrated her 96th birthday, after over 70 years on the throne.

Naturally, with the Queen being among the most important figures in the world, the celebrations for her birthday were grand and even included a fun node to the Marvel universe.

Avengers Theme Played for Queen Elizabeth's Birthday 

As British monarch Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 96th birthday, the Band of The Coldstream Guards performed an assortment of songs, including the traditional "Happy Birthday" as they marched through the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Her Majesty, who serves as Colonel in Chief of The Coldstream Guards, was also honored with a performance of The Avengers theme song which has been played numerous times throughout the MCU.

The full performance - as shared on TikTok by Yahoo UK - can be seen below:

Marvel's Endless Reach in Culture

The Marvel universe has now reached a level of mainstream popularity in which even the prestigious British royals are making reference to it, through the use of a theme song that has grown to become iconic since The Avengers was released in 2012.

Music is ultimately integral to creating an atmosphere in a film, with the central theme arguably being the most critical as it has the tough task of representing the overall tone of the film. Legendary composer Alan Silvestri first wrote the theme for The Avengers, and a gradually evolving iteration has since played in several Marvel projects.

But who knows how long it will be until the next version of the song sees the light of day, as Marvel Studios is still yet to officially announce the fifth installment in the blockbuster team-up franchise.

For now, fans can enjoy all four Avengers films in The Infinity Saga, exclusively on Disney+.

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