Marvel Actors Celebrate The Avengers’ 10-Year Anniversary

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Disney and Marvel Studios have truly taken over Hollywood in recent years. Every year - and now week, thanks to the Disney+ series - fans are constantly waiting for the next entry in the MCU. Nowadays, audiences are treated to at least six projects a year across the big and small screens, which makes it hard to even consider a time when it took four years to get to the sixth film and first major team-up in the MCU: The Avengers​​​​​.

Back in 2012, Marvel Studios changed the game of Hollywood by bringing together six heroes from four franchises, and finally proved the validity of Kevin Feige's vision for a cinematic universe. In the years since things have only gotten crazier as those six heroes have now spawned many more, and those four solo franchises have turned into over a dozen across theaters and streaming.

As the summer season rolls around, movie fans have begun to celebrate the anniversary of many major films, given the commonality of seeing huge blockbusters released around this time of year. But this year marks a monumental milestone for one film, arguably among the most significant films of all time.

The Avengers Celebrate Anniversary

Avengers Movie Poster

The Avengers stars Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo celebrated the tenth anniversary of the 2012 blockbuster ensemble.

The Bruce Banner actor posted a clip on Twitter of his iconic "I'm always angry" scene in which he transformed into the Hulk to take down a Chitauri Leviathan. Ruffalo accompanied the clip with a message noting "what a true honor it has been to be a part of the MCU:"

"#AvengersAssemble! Can you believe it’s been 10 years since the premiere?! What a true honor it has been to be a part of the MCU. Here’s to the future and more thrilling stories to be told!"

Renner shared Ruffalo's original post simply saying "what [a] wild ride," alongside two bow-and-arrow emojis.

Ten Years Since Hollywood Changed Forever

It's hard to believe ten years have already passed since The Avengers arrived in theaters and changed Hollywood forever. Not only was this movie a game-changing step for the MCU as it brought together six heroes from four franchises for the first time ever, but it also proved the validity of the cinematic universe model, something many others have since tried to replicate.

Marvel Studios has since taken everything that made The Avengers so successful and doubled down on it, with recent team-ups featuring more heroes, bigger fights, and an infinitely larger scale. But one can only imagine what Disney and Marvel would have done next, had the blockbuster team-up fallen flat and proven to be a catastrophic failure.

Had that been the case, and had that cast of heroes not meshed together as well fell as they did, then chances are the MCU would not be around to this day, at least not as prominently as it is now.

DC previously made its own attempt to achieve what The Avengers did with Justice League, but obviously, that didn't work out quite so well. In many ways, that serves as proof of where the MCU would be now had the first team-up failed, as the DCEU is still struggling to get off the ground.

The Avengers is streaming now on Disney+.

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