Avengers 5 Theory Sets Up Loki's Surprising Role In Movie

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A new theory explained Marvel Studios' potential role for Loki in Avengers 5

From the second Tony Stark snapped and Cap surrendered his shield to Falcon's Sam Wilson, the question has been who will lead the next team of Avengers

Fast forward four years and a whole Phase 4 later, and it's a question that fans are still asking because there doesn't appear to be a united Avengers team. 

Currently, the MCU's roster of heroes consists of Infinity Saga OGs and a growing number of new recruits. And, while they are bound to come together against Kang in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, they're going to a need leader. 

No doubt this individual will be a character fans have already met and likely an MCU vet. But who's to say that he was always a hero?

Is Loki the New Leader of the Avengers?

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While Phase 4 of the MCU was largely about experimentation and introductions, the one project that was absolutely integral to Marvel Studios' new overarching story was Loki on Disney+

This 2021 series literally schooled fans on the Multiverse, Variants, timelines, and, of course, Kang the Conqueror. 

Since Loki is the only MCU Disney+ series to date to receive a second season, fans knew the God of Mischief had more to do with the Multiverse Saga. 

But what if Marvel Studios is positioning the redeemed mischief-maker into this saga's Tony Stark and a leader of the next batch of Avengers?

Why Loki Is the New Tony Stark

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Back in 2008, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark famously launched the MCU with Iron Man.

But once the franchise got underway, his character's driving motivation was to build a "suit of armor around the world" to protect the planet from Thanos. 

So far, Loki's new story is following a similar pattern to Tony's. Not only did his Disney+ series seemingly launch the Multiverse Saga's narrative, but he's now all about stopping Kang. 

Season 1 of Loki ended with the God of Mischief telling Mobius "we have to prepare;" and in his Ant-Man 3 post-credits scene, he's trying to convince Mobius of Kang's capabilities. 

Also, from what audiences have seen of Loki Season 2's marketing, Loki will be trying to prevent Kang's conquering, paralleling Tony's efforts in Age of Ultron to prevent the Titan's threat from space.

Finally, the two are similar in their character arcs. 

Granted, Tony was never a villain, but his ego and selfishness sound a lot like the flaws of a familiar Asgardian.

Holding Out for a Hero

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A theme within the Multiverse Saga thus far is characters having to face themselves, or rather versions of themselves, in order to evolve as a hero. 

Not only was this Loki's arc in Season 1 of his series, but Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, and Ant-Man have all faced versions or Variants of themselves in order to overcome their own obstacles. 

But in 2024, Loki won't be the only antagonist who finds himself as a hero by the time the credits roll. 

Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts, which is an antihero-led ensemble of the likes of Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova and Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier, is set to take center stage in Phase 5. 

Apart from The Marvels trio, Thunderbolts will be the first official team in Phase 5; and given their shady pasts, who better to lead them than another reformed baddie like Loki?

And, from Marvel Studios' point of view, what better way to hit the Multiverse Saga's message of overcoming one's self than villains turned heroes?

Loki's Actual Glorious Purpose

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The most obvious candidate to lead a new Avengers team into The Kang Dynasty is, of course, Sam Wilson's Captain America, not Loki.

But in a recent interview, Anthony Mackie revealed that the leadership position is still wide open and that Sam probably wouldn't be the one to fill it.

According to the actor, "Sam is the only character without superpowers" and that may "cause an issue" when fighting a Thanos-level threat:

“Sam is the only character without superpowers. He’s just a regular dude hanging out with a bunch of weirdos. Being from New Orleans, I’ve been in a few fights. And heart and charisma never helped me in a fight. That usually just got me beat up. So that might cause an issue when you go fight somebody like Thanos.”

Also, Sam hasn't really dealt with the Multiverse or Kang, which are central to the MCU's big narrative and upcoming Avengers movies. 

Therefore, right now, Loki is the most qualified character to lead the Avengers into The Kang Dynasty and beyond. 

And besides, how poetic would it be for the villain of 2012's The Avengers to be the lead hero of Avengers 5

Audiences should have a better idea of whether this is what Marvel Studios has planned by the end of Loki Season 2. 

But if so, and if Loki is the new Tony Stark, who will be his Captain America? 

Season 2 of Loki begins streaming on Disney+ later this summer.

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