Avatar 2: Adorable Baby Na'vi Design Revealed by Official Art

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Avatar na'vi baby

A new piece of concept art showcased the design of a baby Na'vi for Avatar: The Way of Water.

Avatar 2 introduced many new things to James Cameron's sci-fi franchise. As the title would suggest, one of the biggest examples of that would be the introduction of the water Na'vi tribe and their way of life.

This led to some breathtaking ocean visuals and the introduction of the majestic Tulkun whales.

But, even with all of that, one of the most important additions was Jake Sully's children.

Designing a Na'vi Baby

Concept art from Joseph C. Pepe on his Instagram revealed a new look at one of his designs for a baby Na'vi in Avatar: The Way of Water

The art, which was illustrated for Walt Disney World, explored what a baby Na'vi would look like:

"Na’vi Child – concept design and illustration – The World of Avatar (2022)
While working on the Avatar sequels, I was tasked with illustrating a beauty image of a Na’vi child for the 'Avatar' Franchise to be used at Walt Disney World’s Pandora - The World of Avatar Park in Orlando, FL. Thank you goes to Jonathan Bach for assistance in creating this work."

The Direct Image

While Pepe says the design wasn't for the Avatar films themselves, a baby did happen to make it into The Way of Water in the form of Jake Sully's first-born son Neteyam.


An infant Neteyam can be seen at the beginning of Avatar 2 when Jake Sully is talking about how his family was growing.


Avatar 2's Concept Art Offers Glimpses Behind the Curtain

With Avatar: The Way of Water now out on Disney+, more concept art has been hitting the web lately.

Some other newly revealed illustrations showcased how different Sigourney Weaver's Kiri would have looked.

Previous pieces of concept art showed off the desert and ice biomes that will feature in Avatar 3. Another spotted by others at the Avatar Immersive Experience in LA even hinted at Jake Champion's Spider getting his own Na'vi avatar in the future.

The next thing fans are probably hoping to see would be their first look at the fire Na'vi set to debut in Avatar 3, which hits theaters on December 20, 2024.

Avatar: The Way of Water is now streaming on Disney+.

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