Arrowverse's Final Crossover? DC Star Hints at Upcoming Event

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Arrowverse ending crossover

After various cancellations from its TV slate, the Arrowverse may soon be coming to an end. Shows such as Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and Naomi have been unceremoniously canceled by The CW, indicating that the shared universe will not see the light of day much longer. This is on top of the news that The Flash was confirmed to end with Season 9, leaving the fate of the Arrowverse hanging in the balance

Still, there are two other shows that could still raise the Arrowverse banner, those being  Superman & Lois and Stargirl. Although these two series are not set on the same Earth as the other Arrowverse shows, it is still confirmed to be set in the larger Multiverse of the franchise. 

Between these two series, Stargirl recently featured a reference to Arrowverse's main Earth when The Flash's John Wesley Shipp reprised his role as Jay Garrick during the show's second season. While it is unknown if more crossover opportunities will happen soon, a new interview has a promising update for fans. 

Stargirl Actress Teases Possible Arrowverse Crossover 

DC Stargirl

In an interview with The Flash Podcast's Andy Behbakht, Brec Bassinger, who portrays Courtney Whitmore in Stargirl, addressed the possibility of another Arrowverse crossover. 

Bassinger revealed that there are "talks going on" about a "small crossover cameo situation," but there's nothing concrete as of the moment. However, the DC actress shared that she's optimistic that it would push through: 

“So I do know just talking to Geoff [Johns], our showrunner…nothing specific to The Flash. But [there are] other things, there [are] still talks going on [about] a small crossover cameo situation. And we’re actually working on schedules, so I’m hoping it works out because, clearly, last time it did not. But I’d say stay optimistic they’re still pushing for it.”

Will Stargirl Finally Meet Arrowverse's Main Heroes?

Bassinger's latest update serves as a piece of good news for those Arrowverse fans who are still waiting for a proper crossover with Stargirl. The DC series has been receiving rave reviews from fans, and it would be fitting if another hero from the Arrowverse would acknowledge the show's existence. 

Although Bassinger shared that there's "nothing specific to The Flash" when it comes to potential crossover talks, the Grant Gustin-led series is the perfect show for Stargirl to have a crossover with due to its ties to the Multiverse. The Flash's latest season also featured John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick so there is already a major connection between the two shows if the creatives decide to green light a crossover. 

On the flip side, a cameo from Tyler Hoechlin's Superman could also make sense and his appearance could establish that Superman & Lois and Stargirl are set on the same Earth. 

Although The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace previously shared that a crossover with other shows such as the canceled Legends of Tomorrow is not easy to do, setting up a game-changing guest appearance from Stargirl would be hard to pass up due to its unprecedented nature. 

Stargirl's proper Arrowverse crossover would also address the unresolved reveal that the show is set in Earth 2 after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths

Stargirl Season 3 is set to premiere on The CW on Wednesday, August 31. 

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