Ariana Greenblatt Reunites with Hayden Christensen Following Young Ahsoka Debut (Photos)

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Ariana Greenblatt Hayden Christen Ahsoka

Ariana Greenblatt (young Ahsoka) and Hayden Christensen (Darth Vader) reunited in real life following their epic appearance together in Star Wars’ latest Disney+ series, Ahsoka.

Lucasfilm took a trip back to the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series during Ahsoka Episode 5, with Greenblatt bringing a younger version of Ahsoka Tano to life.

And as Greenblatt made Star Wars history in this episode by being the first actress to play the young version of a character introduced in animation, she’s been the hottest topic in the fandom.

Ahsoka Guest Stars Reunited Off of Disney+

Young Ahsoka Tano actress Ariana Greenblatt shared images of herself alongside fellow Ahsoka co-star Hayden Christensen on her X (formerly Twitter) account following their efforts in Episode 5.

Greenblatt and Christensen shared a joyous moment meeting up with one another as they watched Episode 5 of Ahsoka together when it premiered on September 12, with Greenblatt sharing the following caption:

“can a throwback #tbt be just a week old, *asking for a friend”

Hayden Christensen, Ariana Greenblatt

Striking a pose, Christensen is all smiles while Greenblatt gives her own little smirk, as both actors point at one another.

Hayden Christensen, Ariana Greenblatt

Will Young Ahsoka and Anakin Return?

With three episodes left before Ahsoka comes to an end, fans are hoping to see another potentially emotional story moment between Ariana Greenblatt and Hayden Christensen.

Christensen himself proclaimed that he was “thrilled” and “very grateful” for the opportunity to reprise his role.

Disney and Lucasfilm have pushed more than their fair share of promotional material for this moment, highlighting the duel between Ahsoka and Anakin as they reunited in the World Between Worlds.

And with the memory of Darth Vader still clearly influencing Ahsoka’s mind after her short brush with death, only time will tell how the leading heroine will handle everything still in front of her.

The first five episodes of Ahsoka are available to stream on Disney+. Episode 6 will debut at 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, September 19.

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