Hayden Christensen Breaks Silence on His Ahsoka Return

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Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker and Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka in Ahsoka show

Following his return as Anakin Skywalker in Disney+'s Ahsoka series, Hayden Christensen addressed returning to his iconic Star Wars role. 

After more than a decade away from the franchise, Christensen is reimmersing himself in the galaxy far, far away, appearing in last year's Obi-Wan Kenobi and - more recently - the ongoing Ahoksa series. 

The Prequels star's involvement in the Rosario Dawson-led Star Wars show was first teased nearly two years ago, then it was all but confirmed he would pop up when new dialogue from his iconic Jedi appeared in marketing for the series

Christensen finally made his Ahsoka debut, acting opposite his character's Padawan learner for the very first time, in Episode 4, a moment Ahsoka director Peter Ramsey said "had a lot of meaning for [the Anakin star]."

Hayden Christensen Is 'Grateful' to be Back

Hayden Christensen in Ahsoka show
Star Wars

In a new interview (recorded before the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike), Hayden Christensen broke his silence about his Ahsoka cameo seen in Episodes 4 and 5 of the hit streaming series.

Hayden Christensen Rosario Dawson Smiling Ahsoka
Star Wars

Speaking in a new featurette (via Entertainment Tonight), Christensen remarked that he was "thrilled" to get the phone call about the project:

"When I got the phone call to talk about being a part of the 'Ahsoka' project, I was thrilled."

Adding that getting to put his Anakin costume back on "kind of [blew his] mind," the Star Wars actor noted he is "very grateful" for the opportunity:

"Putting on the Anakin costume, getting to wear those Jedi robes, it kind of blows your mind every time. I just feel very grateful."

Ahsoka Hayden Christensen Dave Filoni Rosario Dawson Behind the Scenes
Star Wars

The Ahsoka interview package also featured plenty of behind-the-scenes footage, including a shot of Christensen working alongside series creator Dave Filoni on the, "Oh, I've heard that before" line heard in the first confrontation between Ahsoka and Anakin seen in Episode 5:

"It's nice if it's sort of like a genuine recollection, like, 'Oh, I've heard that before.'"

Is Hayden Christensen Done as Anakin Skywalker?

After so long since he was last heard from in the Star Wars franchise, fans may think it would be a shame for Hayden Christensen to be done playing Anakin Skywalker after his Ahsoka appearance, but that might be the case. 

As it stands, the actor currently has nothing (at least publicly lined up) within the franchise. 

However, there is always the chance he could make further appearances in the last few episodes of Ahsoka.

After all, the Anakin actor just got to interact with his fan-favorite Padawan for the first time (Ahsoka previously only crossed paths with Matt Lanter's version of Anakin in animation). 

Another place the actor could pop up as the character again would be in the long-speculated Season 2 of Obi-Wan Kenobi

A second batch of episodes for the Ewan McGregor-led streaming series is "not in active development," according to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. However, that has not stopped the series' stars from pitching ideas for a second season.

So, Ahsoka might be it for Christensen in the galaxy far, far away, despite both he and his fans being so enthusiastic he is back. 

New episodes of Ahsoka begin streaming on Disney+ at 9 p.m. ET every Tuesday until October 3. 

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