New Andor Season 2 Set Photos Spoil Return to Familiar Location

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New set photos from Andor Season 2 confirmed the Star Wars show's return to an important setting from Season 1.

In the show's first season on Disney+, Andor visited many locations from the galaxy far, far, away. Some of them were Ferrix, Aldhani, Niamos, and a familiar location from the prequel trilogy: Coruscant. 

Aside from planets, Andor Season 1 also featured notable settings, such as Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex and the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). 

Andor Season 2 Brings Back Key Season 1 Location

As shared on social media, new set photos from Season 2's production confirmed that the show will return to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB)'s headquarters. 

Filming for Andor Season 2 took place at Canary Wharf, London, and the image shows a glimpse at the series' return to the outdoor front entrance of the ISB:

Here's a look at some of the extras taking a break from filming at the ISB entrance: 

In Andor Season 1, this specific location outside of the ISB was where Syril Karn stalked Dedra Meero to try and "follow up" with their conversation about Cassian:

Dedra Metro

The pair had an eventful exchange, with Syril telling Dedra that meeting her made him realize that "life was worth living:"


Moreover, this scene also managed to set up the tension between Syril and Dedra. Whether it is romantic remains to be seen.

Syril Karn

Andor's Return to the ISB Hints at Empire's Big Plans

Andor's upcoming return to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) suggests big things for Season 2 in terms of the Empire's grand plan and Syril and Dedra's potential partnership. 

In the Season 1 finale, Syril saved Dedra from a group of violent protesters in Ferrix. It is expected that the aftermath of Syril's actions will be addressed in Season 2. 

The return to the ISB base could hint that Dedra will alert her superiors about the emergence of the Rebellion, leading to the formation of new plans on how to counter the Rebel threat. 

More so, the ISB's outdoor front entrance could be pivotal to Syril and Dedra's story in Season 2. There's a chance that this specific location will be used by the pair to meet and exchange information on how they can help each other to capture Cassian once and for all. 

Meanwhile, Andor Season 1's post-credits scene confirmed that the parts that Cassian and his allies were forced to build in Narkina 5 were used for the laser cannon of the Death Star. 

That said, it seems as if the battle at Ferrix served as the signal for the Empire to fast-track the Death Star's arrival due to the looming threat of the Rebels. 

Andor Season 1 is streaming on Disney+.

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