Andor Season 2 Director Just Deleted This New Set Photo After It Sharing Online

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A set photo with potential spoilers was shared on Instagram by Andor Season 2 director Janus Metz that has since been deleted.

The first batch of episodes of Disney+'s Andor was claimed by many to be some of the best Star Wars content of all time as it showcased the backstory of Diego Luna's Cassian Andor.

According to Luna, Season 2 is said to be "even better" than Season 1. Producer Tony Gilroy echoed Luna and stated that it will "be very different" from what fans saw in the first installment.

Some set photos from Season 2 already hit the internet, showcasing Luna and Bix actress Adria Arjona together. On top of that, a video even leaked of Luna with Stellan Skarsgard, who portrays Luthen Rael in the series.

Andor Director Deletes Set Photo

Season 2 of Andor is currently in production, and director Janus Metz recently shared a photo on Instagram from the set before quickly taking it down potentially due to possible spoilers.

The image was captured at Pinewood Studios and featured two Imperial helmets as well as a couple of Stormtrooper blasters.

Janus Metz Instagram, Andor Season 2

The post's caption implied that filming is moving along smoothly and also included a tease from Metz that "exciting stuff" is in the works for the upcoming season:

"It gets pretty iconic when you have these costumes on your film set. We are now in fully immersed in the shoot and I can promise you that we have some very exciting stuff in the pipeline!!"

One of the costume pieces is just the standard white stormtrooper helmet, but the other belongs to members of the Imperial Army. 

These soldiers were seen in the Season 1 finale of Andor during the Rix Road rebellion holding riot shields as they tried to defend the Imperials from the citizens of Ferrix.

Imperial Army, Andor

Why Was the Post Deleted?

It may seem like the photo that Metz posted didn't really spoil anything for the upcoming season.

Since both stormtroopers and Imperial Army soldiers already appeared in Season 1 of Andor, it doesn't feel like the photo really gave anything away. 

However, Disney and Lucasfilm like to keep things fairly secret for the most part when it comes to Star Wars, and sometimes it is best to just not share anything at all, even if it doesn't seem like it could do any harm.

Perhaps the Imperial presence on Ferrix didn't end in Season 1, and the Empire will be coming back for retaliation in the upcoming installment.

Season 2 of Andor is currently in production and is expected to be released on Disney+ in 2024.

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