Who Is Amari Noelle Ferguson from The Chi? 4 Things to Know About Bakari's Sister Actress

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Amari Noelle Ferguson, The Chi cast members

Amari Noelle Ferguson, who plays Britney (Bakari's Sister) on The Chi, has fans eager to learn more about her and her character.

First introduced in The Chi Season 6, Ferguson's Britney plays Bakari's sister, who he initially believed he'd lost to the foster care system years ago.

Even with The Chi being the 26-year-old Ferguson's first-ever credit, her character is already finding a place as an important supporting character in Season 6, Part 2.

4 Things To Know About The Chi's Amari Noelle Ferguson

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Amari Noelle Ferguson Graduated from Alcorn State University

Born November 19, 1997 and coming from Gary, Indiana, Amari Noelle Ferguson earned her college degree in 2019. She graduated from Alcorn State University in Mississippi with a degree in mass communications and broadcast journalism.

She also gained practical experience with her degree from her work as a radio host/producer at the WPRL 91.7 FM radio station while in school.

She operated the console board and accompanying equipment to play music while sharing news, conducting live interviews, posting promo videos, and taking callers and song requests.

Amari Getting Kicked Off the Basketball Team Led Her to Music

Outside of acting, Ferguson has also built up quite a successful music career as a singer, largely through music she releases on YouTube.

Under the name Amari Noelle, Ferguson's music has amassed incredible numbers on her YouTube page. Some of her videos currently boast hundreds of thousands of views, showing her success as a singer and songwriter.

Speaking on the MizUnderstood podcast, Ferguson shared that the inspiration for her singing career "came from [her] mom," who was a gospel singer during Ferguson's youth:

"It came from my mom. She's a gospel singer. Growing up, she would have different shows, she would perform, and really I was just like 'Dang, my mom was a freakin' rockstar.' Yeah, she just would be performing, and I would just be secretly wanting to do that, but scared. I don't know how she used to do that, but I would say it definitely came from my mother."

She also attributed her career to getting "kicked off the basketball team" in college, shouting how her college coach in the process. This led her back to her musical roots from high school, reminiscing on how she sang as a hobby before she dove into it:

"I really got kicked off the basketball team in college. Shout out to Alcorn State University, Coach Pete, thanks for kicking me off because it made me welcome my purpose. I got kicked off the team, and I used to be in a group in high school. It was just a little hobby, but I'm like that person...if I'm gonna be successful in the thing initially that I thought I was gonna do, I gotta be successful in something else. So I took that same tenacity and stuff with hopping and then I was like 'I'm pretty good at music, so it's gotta work."

Amari and Her The Chi Co-Star are Siblings in Real Life

The Chi marks Ferguson's debut in the acting work as she plays Bakari's sister, Britney.

What makes this relationship even more special is that Bakari is played by Ahmad Ferguson, who is Amari Noelle Ferguson's biological brother.

She addressed their sibling relationship on TikTok with the caption "twinss is outrageous cause i never see it" under a video of the two together on set.

Amari Has Her Own Merch

Ferguson is already making her mark as an entrepreneur with her brand, boasting a merch line on her Amari Noelle website.

The two main pieces of merch currently listed are a white T-shirt with the phrase "Girls Love Amari" and another shirt with an image of herself and her signature on it. The first shirt sells for $25, and the second for $45.

How To Follow Amari Noelle Ferguson Online

Amari Noelle Ferguson can be found on social media, including Instagram (@amarinoelle), YouTube (@amarinoelle), TikTok (@girlsloveamari), and X (formerly Twitter) (@amarinoelle).

The first six seasons of The Chi are now streaming on Showtime, and they can also be viewed with a premium subscription to Hulu and Paramount+.

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