What Happened to Douda In The Chi Season 6 Finale?

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The fate of Curtiss Cook's Otis "Douda" Perry came to a head in The Chi's Season 6 finale. 

The hit Showtime drama has been wowing audiences since its debut in 2018. It takes viewers to the mean streets of Chicago's South Side to tell a story of community and what it means to grow up in one of America's most troubled neighborhoods. 

Along the way, the series has introduced fans to several new characters, including Otis "Douda" Perry (played by Curtiss Cook). Douda joined the series as a recurring character in Season 2 before becoming part of the main cast in Season 4. 

Douda's Death In The Chi Explained

Curtiss Cook as Otis

The Chi's Season 6 finale confirmed Otis "Douda" Perry's death. 

Over the past few seasons of the series, Douda has been seen as a successful businessman and mayoral candidate working in Chicago. He is also the leader of the fearsome 63rd Street Mob. 

Throughout his time on the show, Douda became a primary antagonist for The Chi's central group of young men (Emmett, Brandon, Ronnie, and Kevin). However, he looks like he will finally face the wrath for some of the strife he has caused. 

After months of speculating about his fate, fans were finally shown the death of Douda and the aftermath of his killing. 

The episode opened in a smoking room/club in Chicago with a gun being pointed at his head with a mystery figure coming out of nowhere to pull the trigger. Audiences got one last final goodbye for Douda as he is seen one last time with police investigating his bloodied and battered dead body. 

This comes following weeks of Douda trying to protect himself against an attack like this. 

The Chicago street gang leader sensed something was afoot over the last two episodes, aiming to take out some of his enemies before they could get to him. 

Curtiss Cook's Chi character has been ruthless, but even more so in Season 6. He shockingly killed the attorney, Alonzo, sending shockwaves through the streets of Chicago. 

Who Killed Douda In The Chi?

Headed into The Chi Season 6 finale, it was expected that Douda would come under fire in some way, but that does not make the fact that he was shot and killed any less shocking. 

As seen in Season 6, Episode 16, it is Cortez Smith's Nuck who pulls the trigger on the Chicago street magnate and not Lynn Whitfield's Alicia who is seen holding a gun to Douda's head before his untimely demise. 

Nuck—a former associate of Douda—has found himself in Douda's bad books over the last couple of weeks after it was revealed to the prominent Chicago businessman and career criminal that the young man was making side deals behind his back. 

In Season 6's penultimate episodes, fans saw Douda dealing with the revelation that his second-in-command could not be trusted. 

Of course, Douda beat Nuck to a pulp in Episode 15, promoting Aaron Guy's Zay to his criminal right-hand man to replace Cortez Smith's disgraced character. 

Douda has long ruled with an iron fist over the streets of South Side Chicago, a reign that only grew more bloodthirsty and ruthless as time passed, making it make sense why Nuck would want to kill him. 

Also, Nuck likely wanted revenge, not just for the beating he took from Douda but for the flippant manner the criminal overlord had dealt with peoples' lives for the past few seasons, including threatening Nuck's very own family. 

Yes, Douda's death is a shocking one, but not one that is wholly unexpected. This is especially the case when series stars like Luke James (who plays Trig Taylor in the hit drama) have been touting that "no one’s safe" heading into the final few episodes of Season 6

As The Chi heads into its already-announced Season 7, surely the ramifications of his killing will be felt for weeks and months to come. 

The Chi is streaming now on Showtime on Paramount+.  

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