Luke James Issues Warning for The Chi Season 6's Final Episodes: 'Nobody's Safe'

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One of the leading actors of Showtime’s The Chi teased how intense Season 6, Part 2 will be.

The show left viewers with some big moments when Part 1 ended in September 2023. Alex R. Hibbert’s Kevin left the show, Iman Shumpert’s Rob was injured and in a coma, and it looked like Luke James’ Victor was about to kill someone.

After eight months, Part 2 is finally here, and audiences have seen the story pick back up.

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Luke James Warns No One Is Safe in The Chi Season 6

Luke James as Trig in The Chi

While speaking with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, The Chi actor Luke James, who plays Victor on the show, teased what fans can expect in Season 6, Part 2.

James teased that "no one’s safe" and how these new installments are "going to be one for the books:"

"We left off on a great cliffhanger for Part 1 of Season 6. Douda is raising hell. And there's a lot that can happen. And yeah, no one's safe. There's a fight for who's going to reign. There's a fight for protection and power. And everybody's involved in it. It's going to be crazy. I actually forgot a lot about it, a lot of stuff. So I can't wait to watch it because I'm watching it with new eyes. I just know that It's intense. And nobody's safe. It's going to be one for the books."

When asked what he feels like the most unique element of these new episodes, James pointed to the work of the camera crew:

"I want to say our camera crew, our guys, man. The first half of Season 6 to the second [part], they've just taken to another level of the storytelling. And a lot of the storytelling is in the way that it's shot. Which is cool and cinematic, right? Like we all love as movie lovers when it's just the silence. And just the way this camera is moving. It's just telling you so much, right?... The audience, I think, is noticing that, how that has really moved the story along."

What Can Fans Expect in Future Episodes of The Chi?

“Nobody’s safe” is certainly quite the tease for audiences.

With everyone after Curtiss Cook’s Douda, could the character meet his maker by the end of the season? If so, perhaps that means Luke James’ Victor was successful.

As of writing, Episodes 9 and 10 of Season 6 have aired, leaving six more episodes before the season finale (which airs on June 30). Given the intensity of The Chi’s plot, it would make sense if audiences were faced with one massive cliffhanger.

Thankfully, Season 7 has already been ordered, so there is no need to fret over the show’s future.

The Chi is currently available on both Showtime and Paramount+.

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