Is Dante Leaving The Equalizer? Tory Kittles' Character Future on the Show, Explained

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Dante in The Equalizer

With the Season 4 finale of The Equalizer officially released, fans may be wondering if Tony Kittles' Marcus Dante is returning for Season 5.

The Equalizer's Season 4 finale ended with Dante moving away to join a task force and take on child predators, despite Robyn finally being willing to tell him that his departure breaks her heart.

Neither the characters on screen nor the fans watching seem to know when Dante will come back to the CBS show — though Kittles himself might be able to offer some answers.

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Is Dante Coming Back in The Equalizer Season 5?

Tory Kittles as Detective Marcus Dante in The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 10

With Marcus Dante (Tony Kittles) leaving town for a new job at the end of The Equalizer Season 4, fans may be wondering if there are plans for the character to return.

Luckily, Kittles has discussed plans for Season 5, implying that he is coming back even though his character moved away.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Kittles shared how much he appreciates the team he works with on The Equalizer:

"We actually have talked about some things that we can get into. Joe Wilson, our showrunner, is such a great collaborator. We have such great producers, starting with Queen Latifah and her team at Flavor Unit, and Debra Martin Chase, and everybody at CBS."

He continued, saying that he and the team "really want to continue to ride that wave" of the first few seasons' international reach and impact, meaning there is a post-Season 4 continuation:

"We're going to push the envelope, and we're going to continue to open up the scope of the show. We realize that this is an international show, and we're speaking to millions across the globe. We really want to continue to ride that wave and give audiences what they want. I look forward to that. I look forward to getting bigger and better and continuing to find the nuance in each of these characters."

Later, Kittles spoke about plot points "going forward," such as when they "finally confront Dante's truth serum confession" — further proof that Dante will be back:

"Going forward, they are going to finally confront Dante's truth serum confession. They're going to figure out what comes next. What I love about the way we've built up to this is that myself and Queen Latifah have been getting it every time we're in the streets."

He also discussed how they "are finally going to confront" things like "What's going to happen with McCall and Dante."

Kittles teased that "it's going to be very revealing for both of them:"

"People want to know, 'Alright, enough is enough. What's going to happen with McCall and Dante? We want them to get together. We want to know.' So we're finally going to confront that. And I can't tell you what's going to happen, but I can tell you that it's going to be very revealing for both of them. But they both are going to have to take leaps of faith, and they're going to have to make big, big choices about their futures."

He finished by saying that he is "looking forward to seeing more action" in Dante's future stories:

"Dante has proven he can handle himself pretty well, so I’m looking forward to seeing more action for him."

How Could Dante Return in Season 5?

Given that Kittles confirmed that there is more to come for Robyn and Dante, there are two main ways to see the two reunite in Season 5.

First, Dante could return to his previous position. Maybe the task force gives him time to think, or to realize that even though he could do good work on it, it was not where he was meant to be.

Alternatively, Robyn could join him on the task force, or work elsewhere closer to where Dante himself is working.

The latter feels more unlikely, though, as it would separate the two from the rest of the main narrative and plot points established over the previous four seasons.

Until Season 5 releases, The Equalizer Season 4 is available to stream on platforms such as Paramount+.

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