The Equalizer: Who Is Kristina Jones? Tribute Explained

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Fans saw a touching tribute to a woman named Kristina Jones in The Equalizer, leading many to wonder who exactly she is.

The Equalizer Pays Tribute to Kristina Jones

At the end of the first episode of The Equalizer Season 4 (titled "Truth for a Truth"), CBS included a touching tribute to Kristina Jones, who passed away on May 23, 2023 after a long battle with cancer at age 53 (per The Sun).

This tribute came as a slide right before the credits rolled on Episode 1, which read, "In Memory of Kristina Jones."

Kristina Jones
Kristina Jones

Jones worked as an assistant to show lead Queen Latifah on set, and she also worked closely with the COVID-19 team to help with testing when the pandemic was more prevalent.

Her uncle, Lancelot Owens, explained how Jones was "on call for whatever Latifah wanted" on the set, sometimes having "to do different runs for her off-set." He also described Jones as "[Latifah's] Girl Friday."

Latifah and Jones developed an incredibly close bond with one another as Jones admitted that they "loved each other" and "had a great relationship."

Continuing on, he praised the way that "[Kristina] affected everybody [on set] with her approach and how she did everything."

The entire cast and crew reportedly "came together" quickly after Jones' death, including Queen Latifah.

Jones' obituary on Echovita confirmed her passing and invited friends and family to leave their condolences on the memorial page so they could be shared with others.

The Direct sends its condolences and best wishes to Kristina Jones, her family and friends, and The Equalizer's entire community during this difficult time.

New episodes of The Equalizer Season 4 premiere on CBS on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

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