The Chi Season 7 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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One of the leading stars of The Chi provided an exciting update on the production of Season 7.

After an eight-month hiatus between Part 1 and Part 2 of Season 6, fans are finally watching weekly episodes of The Chi once again. Sadly, though, when June 30 rolls around, a new wait will begin.

Thankfully, Season 7 is confirmed, so audiences will not need to waste time worrying about a renewal. Production for those new episodes is already underway.

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Luke James Talks The Chi Season 7 Production

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, The Chi actor Luke James, who portrays Victor in the Showtime series, revealed an exciting release update for Season 7.

James revealed that they started pre-production on the day of this interview (May 17, 2024) while adding that they "start shooting next week."

As for what he wants to explore with his character next Season, the actor shared that he is "really interested in fleshing out [Trig’s] duality:"

"I'm really interested in fleshing out [Trig's] duality. I know we're hinting at it. We're talking about it within the first half and the second half of Season 6. In Season 7, I'd like to see him get a hold of that duality knowing that, trying to be--being this image in the day but also having to be this figure at night. I just think it would just be fun to play with and something different that I haven't done yet. I think it'd be a really cool move, hopefully, to move the story forward."

When Will The Chi Season 7 Release?

The amount of time between seasons of The Chi has varied wildly in the past, with the gap between whole seasons being between nine months to a year.

On average, the time between a renewal announcement and the new season debut is about 11 months to a year.

With the show having been renewed for Season 7 earlier in May, fans can probably safely assume that new episodes will launch at some point in April or May of 2025. 

At the broadest estimate, a premiere sometime within the first half of 2025 is likely, especially since production has started.

But what can fans expect in The Chi Season 7? Well, fans need to get through plenty of plot in Season 6, Part 2, before solid guesses can be made.

At the very least, Luke James' comments on duality indicate that Victor could do some pretty major stuff by the time Season 6 comes to a close. Perhaps fans are seeing the start of a dark path for the character.

The Chi is currently available on both Showtime and Paramount+.

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