Full Cast of The Chi Season 6 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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The Chi Season 6 cast members

The Chi Season 6 brings back most of its franchise mainstays such as Jacob Latimore and Yolonda Ross. 

Part 2 of the latest season juggles several storylines, such as Douda's (Curtiss Cook) return, Emmett (Jacob Latimore) and Kiesha's (Birgundi Baker) relationship being tested, and shifting loyalties among allies and enemies alike.

The Chi Season 6 Part 2 premiered on Paramount+ with Showtime on May 10. 

Every Main Cast Member of The Chi Season 6

Jacob Latimore - Emmett Washington

Jacob Latimore as Emmett Washington in The Chi
Jacob Latimore

Jacob Latimore leads the cast of The Chi Season 6 as Emmett Washington. 

Emmett is a sneakerhead who has been dealing with a lot of difficulties in life due to having unplanned children with several women. 

In Season 6 Part 2, Emmett tries to have a fresh start with Keisha, but the ramifications of his botched murder attempt on the gangster who runs the South Side of Chicago is poised to get to him before the credits roll.

Aside from Jacob Latimore's starring role in The Chi, the actor can also be seen in Like a Boss, Epic Night, and Amazing Stories.

Birgundi Baker - Kiesha Williams

Birgundi Baker as Keisha Williams in The Chi
Birgundi Baker

Birgundi Baker stars as Kiesha Williams, a former high school track star who is now in an intimate relationship with Emmett. 

Kiesha has been worried about Emmett's rash decision to betray Douda. In Season 6, Episode 9, Kiesha strongly points out to Emmett to "stop trying to be Superman" since he can't take Douda alone. 

All in all, she just wants a partner that she can count on. 

Baker is known for her roles in Empire, Station 19, and Chicago P.D

Yolonda Ross - Jada Washington

Yolonda Ross  as Jada Washington in The Chi Season 6
Yolonda Ross 

Yolonda Ross returns to portray Emmett's mother, Jada Washington. 

She is an eldercare nurse who is newly married to Darnell. As Emmett makes new and dangerous decisions, Jada is concerned about the well-being of her son.

Ross previously appeared in The Get Down, Whitney, and American Gigolo.

Rolando Boyce - Darnell

Rolando Boyce as Darnell in The Chi Season 6
Rolando Boyce

Darnell (played by Rolando Boyce) is Yolonda's husband and Emmett's father. 

Darnell tries to give his piece of advice to his son about the dangerous path that he is trying to walk, but Emmett appears to be dismissive about it. 

Boyce has over 50 credits to his name, with appearances in Dark Matter, Prison Break, and South Side.

Curtiss Cook - Douda

Curtiss Cook as Douda in The Chi Season 6
Curtiss Cook 

Douda is the leader of the 63rd Street Mob by night and a respected politician by day. The character is played on-screen by Curtiss Cook. 

Douda is out for blood in Season 6 as he tracks down Emmett to seek revenge. However, Douda and Emmett end up having a deal, with the latter giving the former an ultimatum: kill Alice (Rob's mother) and they are even. 

Cook is best known for his roles as Radd Campbell in Manifest, Lieutenant Reginald Scott in Chicago Med, and Marcus in The Bold Type.

Luke James - Victor "Trig" Taylor

Luke James as Victor in The Chi
Luke James

Luke James brings Victor "Trig" Taylor to life in The Chi Season 6.

Trig is Jake's brother who also has beef to settle against Douda. In Season 6, Part 2, Trig goes out of his way to try and end things with Douda once and for all, but he takes a step back after realizing that it was a sudden decision. 

James' most recognizable role is playing Noah Brooks in Star. The actor also starred in Black Nativity and The New Edition Story.

Iman Shumpert - Rob Lafayette

Iman Shumpert as Rob Lafayette
Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert plays Rob Lafayette, Tiffany's boyfriend and a local drug dealer. 

Rob is part of Douda's kill list and is threatened by the arrival of Nuck (Douda's enforcer) in the hospital where he is confined in Season 6, Episode 2. He eventually escapes with the help of his mother, Alicia.

Shumpert is a former NBA player who appeared in Them, Twenties, and Under His Influence.

Hannaha Hall - Tiff

Hannaha Hall as Tiff in The Chi Season 6
Hannaha Hall

Hannaha Hall's Tiff is Rob's current girlfriend and Emmett's ex. 

While Tiff and Emmett remain co-parents to their son, EJ, Tiff embraces a fresh start with Rob, but their peace gets derailed due to the threat that Douda and his forces pose. 

Hall's other notable credits include Chicago Med and Perdido.

Michael V. Epps - Jake 

Michael V. Epps as Jake in The Chi
Michael V. Epps

Michael V. Epps portrays Jake, Kevin and Papa's friend and Trig's brother. 

Season 6 sees Jake still reeling from Reg's death, but he is treading on thin ice after seemingly starting an alliance with Douda and his minions.

Epps has credits in Chicago Fire and Chicago Med.

Shamon Brown Jr. - Stanley "Papa" Jackson

Shamon Brown Jr. as Stanley
Shamon Brown Jr.

Shamon Brown Jr. reprises his role as Stanley "Papa" Jackson, Kevin and Jake's close friend who is on a path of his own self-discovery after breaking up with Maisha. 

Papa returns in Season 6, Part 2 to have some sort of closure with his ex-girlfriend. 

Brown Jr. served as the voice of Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.

Genesis Denise Hale - Maisha

Genesis Denise Hale as Maisha in The Chi Season 6
Genesis Denise Hale

Genesis Denise Hale is part of The Chi Season 6's cast as Maisha.

A good chunk of Maisha's storyline in the new season is focused on resolving issues with her ex, Papa. She is also set to have a big career move on the horizon.

Hale's other major credits include appearances in Candyman and Easy.

Judae’a Brown - Jemma St. John

Judae’a Brown as Jemma in The Chi Season 6
Judae’a Brown

Judae’a Brown's Jemma St. John is Maisha's manager and Kevin's girlfriend. 

In Season 6, Jemma's divided attention between career and love has been taking its toll on her relationships with the rest of her inner circle.

Brown can be seen in Our Father, South Side, and Chicago Med.

New episodes of The Chi Season 6 Part 2 premiere every Friday on Paramount+ with Showtime before airing on the network every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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