All the Queen's Men Season 4 Gets Promising Update from Star

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All the Queen's Men

One of the stars of BET+'s All the Queen's Men gave fans an encouraging update about where Season 4 stands.

Created by Christian Keyes and featuring Tyler Perry as an executive producer, the series adapts Keyes' own 2015 romance novel Ladies Night, highlighting a businesswoman with high standing in the male exotic nightclub industry.

Season 3 ended in late February 2024, but fans were left waiting on whether All the King's Men would eventually move forward with a potential Season 4.

All the King's Men Season 4 Update

All the King's Men Blue

All the Queen's Men actress Racquel Palmer shared a new update on her show in an Instagram post, teasing the series' future concerning a potential Season 4.

Along with a video showing her posing outside of a theater, Palmer thanked the fans for their support, ending her caption with, "We will be back!" as she signed off with her character's name, Blue:

"Thank you, thank you for loving our show! 3B @allthequeensmenbetplus @betplus We work so hard for your enjoyment. If feels so good to hear your praise!

We will be back!"

There have been no official updates on if or when Season 4 of All the Queen's Men will become a reality.

Will All the Queen's Men Season 4 Happen?

While there has been no indication whether Season 4 of All the Queen's Men will happen, a few intriguing social media posts not only hint that it is being developed but that production has already started.

An Instagram story from star Dion Rome shared by X (formerly Twitter) user @Zacxfatima noted that Season 4 was already in production - an update that came in late November 2023.

This came during the break between Season 3's two blocks of episodes, and if that update was true, Season 4 could potentially be well on its way to production already being complete.

With the breaks between the first three seasons being approximately five months each (the same length as the break in Season 3 as well), BET may have enough time to release new episodes later this year.

Should the timeframe be similar to past entries in terms of release, Season 4 could be ready to air on BET+ by July, although fans still wait for the network to even set these new episodes into stone publicly.

The first three seasons of All the Queen's Men are available to stream on BET+.

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