Will First Wives Club Season 4 Happen? Director Shares Hope

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The First Wives Club director made it clear she wanted Season 4 of the BET+ comedy to happen. 

Inspired by the 1996 film of the same name, the hit series follows three female friends who lean on each other for support as they navigate the ups and downs of modern romance following the dissolution of each of their marriages. 

Season 3 of the TV comedy came to an end back in December 2022, leaving things up in the air as to whether any more episodes will come from the First Wives Club team. 

Viewership on the show has been fairly consistent across its three seasons (via Show Buzz Daily) but never garnered the eye-popping sort of numbers that would make a Season 4 a sure thing. 

First Wives Club Season 4 Gets Hopeful Update

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With no official announcement of First Wives Club Season 4, series director Shea Williams Vanderpoort made her case for getting the BET series back on the air. 

Posting from her personal X (formerly Twitter) account, Vanderpoort responded to a fan asking for "more seasons" of the show with a simple "agreed," putting the ball in the network's court on a potential renewal. 

As time marches on, however, a Season 4 of the hit series feels less likely. 

Renewals have traditionally come a few months after season finales for First Wives Club. 

A Season 2 announcement came on November 26, 2019 (two months after Season 1 came to an end), and Season 3 was confirmed on September 8, 2021 (three months after the Season 2 finale). 

Season 3 came to an end in August but was originally supposed to release in December 2022. Despite this, no announcement of Season 4 has been made public. 

The series - which premieres on BET+ before airing on BET months later - also did not get any word on a potential fourth season after the Season 3 finale dropped on BET's linear network in August 2023. 

Will First Wives Club Season 4 Happen?

For fans of First Wives Club, the silence on the series from BET is deafening. 

The longer there goes without any word on a potential Season 4, the less likely it seems it will become a reality. 

Of course, there is always the chance the powers that be have been holding off on a Season 4 renewal due to the Hollywood strikes that made the entertainment industry hit the pause button earlier this year. 

However, even accounting for the job action, the lack of news warrants some suspicion.

Across its three seasons, First Wives Club has averaged 0.52 million viewers per episode. This number may not look like much, but BET's viewership peak for 2023 came during the annual BET Awards ceremony with a meager 2.8 million viewers (per Yahoo). 

Season 3 of the streaming comedy series never hit the high watermark set by Season 2 in its linear TV run, but it still got close, topping out at 0.57 million viewers for Season 3, Episode 3. 

Given this relative success on the network, it seems likely a Season 4 would eventually get announced. 

But with studios tightening their financial belts over the last couple of years, there is also always the chance that First Wives Club could be a causality of this. 

First Wives Club Seasons 1-3 are streaming on BET+. 

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