Zatima Season 3 Gets Promising Release Update from Star

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Zatima Season 3 got an interesting update regarding its release thanks to one of the BET+ series' biggest stars. 

The Sistas spin-off is hurdling toward its third season on the streamer; however, when exactly the show will return remains a mystery. 

With audiences itching to know what will happen to lead characters Zac and Fatima, Zatima fanatics are eager to hear when the series will finally be released.

Zatima Said To Be Coming Back 'Soon'

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According to one of Zatima's stars, Season 3 of the hit BET+ series could be released "soon."

In a new video uncovered by X Zatima fan account 'Zacfatima,' series leads Devale Ellis and Crystal Renee Hayslett can be seen talking to the camera on an escalator, revealing "Zatima Season 3 is coming out soon:"

Ellis: "'Zatima' Season 3 is coming out soon. I can’t wait for y’all to see it."

Hayslett: "So good."

This nebulous "soon" descriptor does not nail down anything specific regarding a Season 3 release, but it does hint that fans may not be waiting as long as they did with Seasons 1 and 2 for this next batch of episodes. 

Season 1 of the Sistas spin-off finished filming in December 2021 before releasing nine months later in September 2022.

Season 2 would take two months less after finishing principal photography, with only seven months between the end of filming (August 2022) and release (March 2023). 

Using these past two seasons as precedent, one can start to see when Season 3 may hit BET+. 

Zatima Season 3 completed filming on December 22, 2023. That means if it takes around the same time as Seasons 1 and 2 (between seven and nine months), a Season 3 release can likely be expected sometime in late summer or early fall 2024. 

What Will Happen in Zatima Season 3?

There are plenty of narrative threads to tug on regarding Zatima Season 3. 

Surely, when the BET drama returns, it will be primed and ready to follow up on the major happenings of Season 2. 

The end of Zatima's sophomore run saw Zac's financial assets frozen as he squabbled with Remington Hoffman's Bryce. After months of conflict, perhaps things will finally come to blows with the two characters, offering up some resolution. 

This will likely be the backdrop to Season 3's biggest narrative flashpoint. Fatima is pregnant. 

After Fatima and Zac got back together to close Season 2, the last batch of episodes ended with Crystal Renee Hayslett's character revealing she was expecting. 

While it is assumed Zac is the father, things in the world of Zatima are never that simple. 

So it would not be all that surprising if the paternity of the child becomes a major talking point in Season 3, all while the pair navigate the constant anxiety that comes with expecting a child. 

Zatima Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on BET+. 

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