Zatima Season 3 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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New social media posts could provide an update on when Zatima Season 3 will be released on BET+. 

The hit comedy series from Tyler Perry rounded out its second season in September 2023, as the successful Sistas spin-off continues its run on the streamer. 

No release specifics have been made public for Zatima Season 3, but it has been teased it will be coming "soon" according to one of its biggest stars. 

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New Update for Zatima Season 3's Release 

Ameer Baraka Zatima Season 3

Zatima star Ameer Baraka (who plays Jeremiah in the BET+ series) took to social media, seemingly hinting when Season 3 of the hit streaming series could be released soon. 

Baraka posted a photo on X (formerly Twitter) from what looks to be the set of the BET+ comedy. 

He also shared the following caption, calling Season 3 "epic:"

"Season 3 of 'Zatima' is going to be epic. The writing keeps getting pulling you in. We are getting really close I’m sure."

He added in a follow-up post that he believes, "It’s going to be a great season."

While not a concrete confirmation of a release timing, it is yet another indication that the Sistas spin-off could be coming sooner than later. 

Looking at the production pipeline of Zatima Season 3 - along with these teases of the show coming "soon" - fans can predict when the series will be back on TV screens worldwide. 

Filming on Season 3 ended on December 22, 2023, meaning a 2024 release date is likely. 

Season 1 of the series wrapped principal photography roughly nine months before its September 2022 release date. Season 2 did around the same, hitting BET+ in December 2023 seven months after it finished filming. 

That means, with filming for Season 3 finishing in December, a late summer/early fall this year would make the most sense.

Although, with these various teases, the release could be moved up to sometime in the second quarter of 2024. 

What Could Happen in Zatima Season 3?

As fans head into Zatima Season 3, there will be many questions regarding what will happen in this next batch of episodes. 

The biggest plot point from Season 2 that should focus heavily on in Season 3 is Zatima's newly revealed pregnancy. 

In the Season 2 finale, it was revealed the series' central character will be a mother, so the ups and downs that come with that will play out throughout this next season. 

The other point of emphasis the series will likely dive into in Season 3 is the paternity of Zatima's child. 

Zatima and her longtime flame Zac got back together during Season 2's last act, so one would think he is the father of the unborn child. 

However, in a series where drama lurks around every corner, the simplest answer is usually the wrong one. 

Even if Zac does end up being Zatima's baby daddy, there will be some head-turning twists and turns before any resolution is settled upon. 

Zatima Season 3 is expected to be released sometime in 2024. 

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