Ahsoka's 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Role Details Possibly Revealed in New Leak

By Jack Pues Updated:
Rosario Dawson, Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars Rebels, and Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian

Spoiler Warning: This article may reveal plot details about The Mandalorian Season 2.

The past few weeks have been an opportunity for Star Wars fans to truly appreciate new content, as 2020 hasn’t been too kind towards the franchise, or the rest of the world for that matter. They’ve savored announcements such as the upcoming early release of Chaos Rising and the long-awaited unveiling of From A Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back, while also enjoying the first Star Wars game show with Star Wars Kids’ Jedi Temple Challenge.

The hype, however, still reigns with The Mandalorian, as the fandom further anticipates the "mind-blowing" season 2. Rumors for the show's second season, specifically regarding certain character appearances, are at an all-time high, which fully contrasts the highly secretive first chapter.

Among those rumored character cameos is a live-action version of Ahsoka Tano, who is to be portrayed by Rosario Dawson. This has caused an unprecedented amount of speculation amongst audiences, and while the specifics of her role in season 2 won't become concrete until it premieres this October, that hasn't stopped more rumors from swirling...


A new report from Star Wars News Net offers key insights into Ahsoka Tano's rumored appearance in The Mandalorian Season 2. The rumor specifically highlights the beloved character's overall look, physicality, and the extent to which she will actively be in the series.

Focusing on her look, the report indicates that the Togruta's Lekku will be "on full live-action display," and that the former Jedi will embrace "a dark gray hooded robe and have a look much more similar to her final appearance in The Clone Wars than her 'Gandalf the White' appearance at the end of Rebels."

It also discusses another key feature for the character: her lightsabers. The report states that she will indeed be "wielding a blue-bladed lightsaber," which could lead to the possibility that "she has in some way once again embraced the ways of the Jedi." They go on to describe that she'll have a powerful presence in the season and that she's there to fight in some regard. 


As many have speculated before, the end of this rumor dives into how Lucasfilm is possibly using Ahsoka Tano's role in season 2 as a test-run to see how a live-action version of the character sits with viewers. This of course bleeds into The Direct's exclusive report that Dawson signed a Disney+ multi-show contract. 

While any rumor should always be taken with a grain of salt, this one, in particular, is very intriguing because of the changes that would be made to her appearance. As mentioned, a gray cloak differs from the last time we canonically saw Ahsoka in Star Wars Rebels. In the series finale of that show, she wore a white robe while holding a white staff. 

Additionally, the detail of her wielding a blue-bladed lightsaber contrasts with the two white swords she held in Rebels. She obtained the kyber crystals from a scuffle with the Sixth Brother (an Inquisitor), and was able to heal the crystals from the harsh red of corrupted dark-siders to the pure white color audiences witnessed in the show.

So, if these rumors turn out to be valid, then it's safe to assume that the character of Ahsoka Tano has been on an interesting journey with her fellow Mandalorian Sabine Wren in the five-or-more-year timespan between the two shows. Unfortunately, fans will likely have to wait until October to find the exact manner in which she will make herself known.

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