Ahsoka Theory Solves Captain Enoch Identity Mystery

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Ahsoka Enoch Thrawn

The identity of Ahsoka's Captain Enoch and Thrawn's Stormtrooper army may be connected to Marrok and the Nightsisters.

Episode 6 of Ahsoka finally revealed both the mysterious destination of Peridea and a live-action Grand Admiral Thrawn, played by Lars Mikkelsen

But that wasn't all. Alongside Thrawn was a battered legion of Stormtroopers, including a gold-faced Captain Enoch, and a Nightsister trio known as the Great Mothers.  

Given the state of Thrawn's army and his alliance with the Nightsisters, Star Wars fans are asking questions, including whether Marrok was an early-season clue. 

Why Thrawn's Stormtroopers Are Different

Thrawn and the Night Troopers in Ahsoka

Thrawn made his long-awaited debut surrounded by Stormtroopers - who are now called Night Troopers - chanting his name. 

But it was the look of these troopers, not merely their presence, that generated fan attention. 

Night Troopers in Ahsoka

The once stark-white Stormtrooper armor is now dirty, cracked, and patched with gold fillers or literally tied together by strips of red material. 

Captain Enoch in Ahsoka

Among them is Captain Enoch, played by Wes Chatham, who's also wearing worn-out armor but with a gold face mask of human features, a contrast to the standard Stormtrooper helmet. 

While these so-called alterations are likely the result of years in exile and the dangers of Peridea, evidence points toward another reason. 

Who Is Captain Enoch In Star Wars?

The Great Mothers in Ahsoka

Ahsoka's latest episode established that Thrawn allied with Peridea's Great Mothers to achieve his return. 

But since Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth used Marrok, a former Inquisitor who was only fluorescent green smoke, the question is whether the same means is behind Thrawn's Night Troopers. 

Thrawn and Night Troopers in Ahsoka

Not only does the Night Troopers name echo that of the Nightsisters but the soldiers' armor is held together with the same scarlet-colored material as the Great Mother's robes. 

If the Night Troopers are a product of the Nightsisters' green, smoky magic, Thrawn's army - and Captain Enoch - may actually be an army of the undead. 

Other Evidence of Thrawn's Zombie Army

Night Trooper Casket in Ahsoka

In addition to the Night Troopers name and their decaying, red-wrapped armor, the end of Ahsoka's sixth episode showed cargo - resembling caskets - being loaded from "catacombs" onto Thrawn's ship which he notes is "per my agreement with the Great Mothers."

Thrawn also mentions that "death and resurrection are common deceptions played out by both Nightsister and Jedi."

Such comments point towards something more than just battered armor and the wear and tear of time. 

Lastly, Ahsoka showrunner Dave Filoni has been actively bringing Star Wars Legends material into canon for years, such as  "the military base of Tantiss" and even Thrawn himself. 

One Star Wars Legends tale featured in Joe Schreiber's Death Troopers involved a virus on a Star Destroyer that created a legion of undead zombie Stormtroopers. 

Perhaps Thrawn's army is a way of bringing this plot point into Ahsoka and the expanding MandoVerse

With only two episodes of Ahsoka remaining, answers are surely on the way. 

New episodes of Ahsoka drop on Tuesdays on Disney+.

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