Ahsoka: Star Wars' Peridea Twist Just Changed the Franchise Forever

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The future of Star Wars will never be the same after a plot twist occurred in Episode 6 of Disney+'s Ahsoka involving the new planet, Peridea.

When Ahsoka premiered its first two episodes on the Disney+ streaming platform, it teased, at some point in the series, fans could get to witness an entirely new galaxy.

As more episodes passed, that possibility continuously turned into a reality as traveling to this planet named Peridea in an entirely new galaxy had to be done in order to find Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger.

Ahsoka Episode 6's New Galaxy

In Episode 6 of Ahsoka, Morgan Elsbeth, Shin Hati, Baylan Skoll, and Sabine Wren finally made it to the planet Peridea, which is located way beyond the parameters of the Star Wars galaxy fans are familiar with.

Ahsoka Episode 6

This marked the first time in franchise history that an entirely new galaxy was featured, and it came with a twist that could potentially change the future of Star Wars forever.

After the antagonists of the series and Sabine Wren touched down on Peridea, they immediately awaited the arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati in Ahsoka Episode 6

While waiting, Baylan and Shin stood atop the Nightsisters' platform and spoke about the meaning of Peridea's existence.

Baylan specifically remembered being told about the galaxy during his time at the Jedi Temple, but he revealed that at that time they were nothing more than "children's stories" and "folktales," teasing that something within the galaxy was beyond comprehension.

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati in Ahsoka Episode 6

However, after actually being there, Baylan called the planet "the land of dreams and madness," and said that those stories he heard had "come to life."

Baylan then went on to allude that Peridea and the new galaxy could be "the beginning" of something better than the endless cycle of war that takes place in the Star Wars galaxy.

Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka Episode 6

Later on in the episode, the pair stopped to investigate the aftermath of a fight between Sabine and some bandits when Baylan revealed a twist that implies Star Wars will be forever changed.

When talking to Shin about Peridea, Baylan stated that it could be the location where they find true power.

Shin Hati in Ahsoka Episode 6

Shin asked if they should consider leaving the planet and returning to their own galaxy with Thrawn, but Baylan then said that Thrawn and the others may be "flee[ing] a power greater than their own."

It is clear that the stories Baylan heard at the Temple mentioned something greater and perhaps even more dangerous than anything in the main galaxy - perhaps something even stronger than the Force.

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati in Ahsoka Episode 6

He even mentioned at one point that "something [called] to [him]," so there is clearly something there.

Baylan's multiple comments seem to mean that there are endless possibilities for the future of Star Wars that aren't confined to the main galaxy where everything in canon up to this point takes place.

Ahsoka and Huyang in Ahsoka Episode 6

This twist was even partially confirmed by Huyang at the beginning of the episode when he began to tell Ahsoka a story and said the words, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away," which could have actually been about Peridea.

How Does Star Wars' New Galaxy Change the Future?

It seems as though Ahsoka creator and writer Dave Filoni broke the barrier in regard to the future of Star Wars storytelling.

Now that the "folktales" of Peridea are proving to be true, who knows what could be in other galaxies?

At some point in the future, Star Wars could actually tell entirely new stories about people or places in these new galaxies, and Peridea could be the very beginning.

If Peridea holds the power that Baylan said it does, then entire movie trilogies or Disney+ shows could be set on that planet or at least in that galaxy.

As far as all fans know, the rules and parameters of the main galaxy may not even apply there.

For example, in A New Hope when Ben Kenobi is telling Luke Skywalker about the Force, he describes it as "an energy field created by all living things," and then says that "it binds the galaxy together."

Ben doesn't mention the universe or other galaxies, just the one that they're in.

It is important to note that George Lucas probably wasn't even remotely thinking about the possibility of exploring other galaxies at that time, but technically, in a canonical sense, the rules of the Force as Jedi know them only apply in the galaxy they're in.

If that is true, then Ahsoka's latest twist just changed everything. The future of Star Wars may never be the same.

Episode 6 of Ahsoka is available to stream on Disney+.

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